Member Point Confirmation Page

Submission Form is at the bottom of this page.

All point producing activities should to be input into the form below.  It helps us automate and better track all of our member's activities and income, in the event of a discrepancy.    You need ONLY to enter information into 3 simple boxes.  The rest is automated.

After you hit submit, the information provided will be emailed to YOU FOR YOUR PERSONAL RECORDS and our Internal Data Bases for calculations.

Once you properly submit, you will also immediately be sent to our promotional gifts page.

  1. Directions for Point Input:

    a.  In box 1 place the name of the subject company i.e. WalMart, Egiftsolutions, Site Maintenance, credit report, ehealthinsurance, etc...

    b.  In box 2 place the estimated  point value of the activity.  (Point values are usually above the service banner, or at the left of the row it is on.  see how to determine point/business volume  values.


    c.  copy and paste into  box 3  the ENTIRE original confirmation email, receipt or confirmation webpage.

    (To Guarantee credit the ENTIRE original confirmation email of the ACTUAL trial, quote, product or service including the date and amount of purchase, (if applicable), MUST be included with the pasted information


  2. Final point calculations can not done until we have been provided with the complete data from our many partners.  see for details of paycycles

    a. At that time, point submissions are verified for accuracy.  Inaccurate and duplicate inputs will be stricken or corrected as the case dictates.

    b. Consequently, your actual monthly point total may be more or less than you have estimated.  Please try to be accurate in your estimates

With the EXCEPTION of AMAZON.COM  Virtually all products and services are auto tracked, automatically giving you credit. 

Unfortunately, AMAZON is the only company whose system does not provide the ability to create tracking scripts.





Point Submission and Gift Form

Immediately, upon successful submission of form, you will be directed to the Promotional Gift Page from which you can immediately download your promotional gift.

1   Company Info

2   Approx Points

i.e. Wal-Mart, Amazon, Insureme, Site Maintenance Consumer Info, Egift, etc...

1, 3, 8, etc Enter Actual Point Value

3   Copy and Past the Confirmation Email or Web Page  in the Box Below-- Then hit "submit".


Approximate Point Values for Various Types of Products and Services

Remember Point totals for Paid Products or Services are determined by the points allotted per each RETAIL DOLLAR spent.

For example:

1-30 above the banner means that for $30 RETAIL spent, 1 point is earned. So if over the course of the month you had $60 retail you'd earn 2 points.

* 8-25 means 8 points for each $25 retail spent. So, a $50 purchase would earn 16 points

*  15 points pays you 10 on levels on your down line and 3 Separate Profit sharing bonuses

           See How profit sharing is calculated  click here.

How much do you spend on Groceries each month???  You even earn for grocery shopping!  click here!