We have done our best to make your fund raising efforts as quick and easy as possible.  You actually need to do nothing other than simply copy, past and edit, at will, the following letter and send it as an email or letter to your entire membership.  You have 4 Fundraising Methods that you can utilize.


First  Method-- Membership Fund Raising- Contact your membership only.

If using this method, all you need to do is send the below email and on any purchase made from the Gift Sites  www.egiftsolutions4u.com  www.asnshopandearn.com  and 15% of each purchase is donated to your organization.

To make sure that our system keys in all your members orders as coming from a Fund Raising Organization we ask that letters and correspondence append an "FN" to your ID code. 

So, the code for your members to use in order to be certain that you get credit for merchandise purchase is


Second Method-- ALSO, Help Other Fund Raising Organizations.

If you also choose to use Method 2, all that you need to is to send them to Your Fund Raising Assistance Page.  When the organization signs up, you will automatically be credited so that you receive donations from all the purchases and sales made from the members of their organization.


Third Method-- Offering Business and Financial Services

If you choose this method, all you do is send an email with the links to various services that we offer through you.  When a member clicks on a link or orders a service, it is automatically keyed to you and your organization receives the appropriate donation amount.  A sample letter is below.


Fourth Method-- Offer a FREE Business Opportunity to Each of Your Members.

To use this method, all you do is send a simple email to your membership, letting them know that a company has created a system that will allow your members to earn money without investment and that by doing so, they are actually helping raise money for your organization.  In the email have a link to your Organization's Site.   [BASEURL][PREFIX]/[PERSONALID]  

Your organization will then receive donations in exactly the same manner and same amount as would an individual.


This means that your organization will then be receiving all earned income streams within the ASN system as would an individual that had developed a similar downline.


We understand that there may be a certain reticence in offering your membership what appears to be in effect a business opportunity.  That is understandable, but you can be assured that this is unlike any other business, it is absolutely without risk, requires no investment whatsoever, no expenses of any kind, it is Impossible to lose a dime.  Before offering it to your membership, please do, examine it.  But start with the simple analysis that we have done here.  Why ASN Works.  (NOTE: Please take into account that the why asn works article was written with the consumer in mind-- but the analysis is the same).

For Method 1, Mail or email to your membership a letter similar to the following:



Dear Member,


The [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] proudly introduces www.egiftsolutions4u.com and www.asnshopandearn.com


At this site you will find a breathtaking selection of items from all over the world... Watches, Jewelry, Toys, Decor, Fashion, etc.  Quality and Value are the hallmarks of these sites. www.egiftsolutions4u.com and www.asnshopandearn.com, with great items for the whole family.


These extraordinary products are carefully selected from the the world over to assure their superior uniqueness and excellence.  Every item is guaranteed!


Your purchases will importantly benefit the [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME].  By special arrangement, a substantial portion of the price of every item you select will go directly into our own fund!  You get not only the pleasures and enjoyment of exquisite products, you can actually take pride in knowing that you are further supporting the achievements our fine organization.


Feel free to order as much and as often as you wish.  Just visit www.egiftsolutions4u.com and www.asnshopandearn.com, make your selection and during the order process when you are asked for Your Name or ASN ID#...  simply enter  FR [PERSONALID]


In 10 to 14 days your selection is delivered right to your door and you've helped us continue our good works.



By special arrangement the Solutions Network now provides an array of Products, Services, Information, much of it is free.

If you take advantage of any product, service, free trial, free quote, etc... The Solutions Network not only donates a portion of proceeds to our organization but by special arrangement it you...

Take advantage of ANY product or service in the entire All Solutions Network site (Even FREE Quotes and Trials) you receive...  

Your choice of any of our Luxury Vacation Certificates You pay only room tax! (Limit 1 Per Family), including Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico, 7 Day Cruises, etc...

PLUS, Free Medical Discount Cards, plus,   $100's in Restaurant Vouchers...

Click to See How!


Our deepest thanks to you for your continuing support.




Gerald Thompson, (Your Name)



That's it!  There is absolutely nothing else that you need to do in order increase your organization's revenues.  PLUS,

our system can automatically provide even more revenue to your organization in other ways...



Sample Letter to Your Membership Regarding Business and Financial Services.

Feel free to copy and paste and edit at will.

The links in the below email are already coded to your personal site.

So, if they need and order the service, your organization automatically gets credit.


Dear Member,


The Solutions Network is offering the members of [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] a large array of business and financial services ranging from Home Loans, Credit Services, Bankruptcy, Free Credit Repair Manual, Tax and Back Tax services, etc... all at reduced fees and in some cases free.


In today's economic times, many people have found themselves facing issues that up until recently, they would never have imagined possible.  These services may help alleviate some of these associated issues.


Thankfully, most of our members have no need for these services.  But for those that do, we felt that it was incumbent upon us to let our members know they have options... and, if needed... these services are not financially out of reach.


By special arrangement with the Solutions Network we have agreed that all services provided will be substantially below normal fees and that a substantial portion of all fees charges will be given to [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] to further our charitable causes.


Following are a few links to some of the available services.  We're praying that you don't need them.  But if you do, We pray that the will be of help.


ASN FINANCIAL SERVICES- One stop comprehensive page that provides access to numerous financial service ranging from free tax information to sources of free credit assistance.


HOME LOANS a huge assortment of home loans that work for everyone from upper income, great credit to low income, no down, and even bad credit purchasers.  We do things on a daily basis that other lenders simply can not or will not do!  We will always provide the best service and best terms for your members,  https://allsolutionsnetwork.com/cgi-bin/d.cgi/[PERSONALID]/no_down_loans.htm


CREDIT REPAIR-- Our credit repair services work.  We have many people who had substantial credit issues, who after our utilizing our services had score increases of 50 to 200 points, thus enabling them to buy homes and cars with nothing down



BANKRUPTCY-- We prepare all forms necessary for the filing.  All you have to do is drop it off at the courthouse. 




Many of our members people, through no fault of their own, have credit issues that are causing them many issues... higher rates, higher down payment requirements, inability to get credit cards, etc... Even though our credit repair services are generally about one third the cost of other companies... in today's tough times, many are unable to afford even this.  For them, we offer a TWO Free Credit Repair Manuals with Free Credit Report.  This affords the perfect solution to a common but devastating problem



Our deepest thanks to you for your continuing support.




Gerald Thompson, (Your Name)