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S. Camden wrote

Hi Bruce,

I am so excited about my website.  When I first got in I didn't do anything with it.  Then about a week ago I started reading through the site and what I read "lit a fire" under me.


I started advertising it and doing what you told me to do in the Fast Start Section .....and before I knew it I had 5 stores given away and then there were 11 more that my downline had given away!!!

Want a New Career in Finance? No Experience or Lic. Required.

Click here for complete details.



Fund Raising Assistance

Are you... or do you know of a School, Church or other worthy organization that is need of new sources of Revenue?  Click Here to see how we can help.


G. Murphy

  I would also at this time, Like to thank you for this great, amazing, awesome opportunity that is ASN. So far it has been everything you said it would be and then some. Thanks again!


James Blake wrote

Hi Bruce...

Thanks again for everything...My first 45 days in business you have paid me over $500, Plus, Infinity Bonus payments still to come.  AllSolutions Rocks!


Kimberly R writes

Your help has saved my life!  The weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I am so amazed that a random internet search found me the help I needed in the form of and YOU!!!!


Free Business Advertising

Free Advertising sites for any and all business endeavors.


K Boyer,  of Nebraska

Man I am so excited at this moment. I couldn't hardly believe my eyes when I saw your email that I have earned a Quick Start Bonus


No Credit Check Personal Loan

Frank L.

To tell you the truth I never made any money online until I joined ASN so once again I really thank and appreciate you for what you have done for us .


Michael M Writes:

Hey Bruce this site is really cool Ive already called all my family
I'm so glad i found your company its awesome
your the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for setting up this site

J. Nagy of Florida

You don't know how many other companies I have tried before without success. Usually all I did was LOSE money. Now Thanks to your company I finally did it!


Kevin F.

      I've been with this company for a few years now and I must say there is NO BUSINESS MODEL OUT THERE LIKE ASN - NONE! 

      ASN is like operating you own your Walmart Store, but without years of planning and millions of dollars to open it.   But no employees to pay, no utilities, no re-stocking the shelves, no insurance cost s, etc..

   With ASN it's all profit!  You earn all your money for free, without investing any money at all. PERIOD.   

     I get paid every month, a residual income, just like clock work.  What an amazing opportunity!

     Thank you for creating the most AMAZING free money making opportunity on the internet.



How to Improve Your Credit

Learn to add 200 points to your credit score, within 45 days.  Clean your Credit, get any loan... Absolutely FREE!


G. Prancer writes

I have tried for 2 years to make money on the internet with no success....spent plenty of money trying, but never made any money back.


I am now qualified for 3 different checks from you according to my calculations and now there is a "Bonfire Burning"


Thank you for introducing this site to us!!!


Larry  of Rock Marketing writes...

I want to commend you on a  website that  is the very best  i've seen online.  It is CHOCKED FULL of  many opportunities for anyone that is looking for a website that will fit  everyone's needs.


Free Misc Classifieds

BRAND NEW! Selling a car? A motorcycle? Looking for a friend, placing a personal? Misc goods or services?  Place your ad here-- for free!


Incredible Marketing Tools

A huge array of incredible technologies that are guaranteed to enhance any business.


Anthony S.

A Hi my name is Anthony and I love your company and it is great for a semi retired guy who has run business in three different countries.  BUT ASN is fantastic, Awesome and I have never seen anything even remotely like this. You have won me over for lifetime!



Fund Raising Assistance

Are you... or do you know of a School, Church or other worthy organization that is need of new sources of Revenue?  Click Here to see how we can help.


James Blake Writes..

Bruce...Wanted to thank you

The thought and effort you put into creating this.  The allsolutionsnetwork is amazing!


Allsolutions will make me rich...

You changed my life...bigtime...if you only knew how much.


Health Products

Every nutritional product you can think of is here.


Gene R.

Just wanted to say hello.   I'm in the busness u created and in under 2 months i have over 500 in my downline. With that many i keep pattin myself on the back and doing a thataboy dance because i have never had that many b4.


Margaret M.

Just joined a couple of weeks ago and have 60 + members!  Have never had such a response to anything else I have ever advertised.


Free Search Engine Submission

Free links to all major search engines and directories.


No Down Home Loans

Low Interest No Down Home Loans, even with bad credit, late pays, collections or bankruptcy.  Let us show you how easy it is to buy!

D. Cozart

Great job on what you have accomplished in helping everyday folks earn their first dollar online.   I wish would have found your site a couple years ago. I could have saved about $8,000 in joining junk sites. Anyway, this is perfect for me. The signups come in so fast it is hard to email them all.

Yours in Success, D. Cozart


Want a New Career in Finance? No Experience or Lic. Required.

Click here for complete details.


Free Repo Lists

Always Free lists of Foreclosures, HUD homes, Bank Repos, VA foreclosures, IRS Seizures, etc...

Isaiah O.

Thanks very much! I received my commission for the month of September. you have totally removed my FEAR. i will shout  GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ASN all over the world God being on my side.

Please keep the good work going.


Do You Need a Will?

Valuable estate planning and Low Cost Will Preparation Services.


U Pay 2 Much Taxes

Income tax strategies that will save you money.


Oluwajana Wale- Nigeria

l joined this great company some days, ago. l have already finished reading all the content. l would like to commend you guys for the great work you have done on the website, especially on the aspect of online marketing. You have done great work here.


No Down Investments

Free Online Creative Financing Course teaches you to buy real estate with no money, no credit, (even bad credit), and even no job.

Eleanor D.

I'm new to online business and i didn't realize its great possibilities until you sent me my First ever earnings in February 2014. It was  not big, and I didn't even remember why you were sending me the money!  but it convinced me that ASN is true and that i could do it!



Stop Garnishments, Foreclosure, etc... Is your credit just not salvageable?  For many situations, bankruptcy may be your best option.  See real life case files of how it helped or hurt others.  If BK is your best option, our professionals can help you start over with a low cost bankruptcy.


Free Bankruptcy Forms

You can do it yourself?

Click here for free bankruptcy forms.


George O.

Today I looked at my downline page and almost fell off my chair, the stat sheet shows 46 member in the downline, please tell me this is not a mistake!!!


This is really unbelievable, when I last checked, I had only five in the downline.  I love it!



Tips on how to have a successful divorce, and low cost nationwide services.

How You Earn Big by Giving Away Gifts
Use ASN's Unique "Get a Quote, Get a Gift"  Program!

It's as simple as using our free marketing programs to let your visitors know that by just getting any free quote, trial, survey or taking advantage of any low cost service on your site...  Then they choose from the below exciting array of gifts!   They get a  quote, they choose their gift... and you get paid!

What it Is        See Sample Gifts.        Ways to Market it for free!

It's simple, your site visitors take advantage of  any free quote, trial, service or make any purchase...

 no matter how small, from any of our hundreds of partner companies... then they get the promotional item of their choice.


Earn by giving away what we all want!

  • Fantastic Luxury Vacations

  • 7 Day Exotic Cruises

  • Vacations... Hawaii, Caribbean and more!

  • Medical Discount Cards, 70% and more!

  • Restaurant Vouchers

  • MP4 Players

  • Digital Video Recorders and more Promotional items constantly being added!  

This unique promotion makes earning, the essence of simplicity!... 

Your site's visitors simply get any FREE Quote, Trial, Survey, Service, Product, etc...  no matter how small...  and they can then choose their promotional gift.   They get a Quote, they choose their Gift... AND You Get Paid!


No matter what country you are in, you can promote and advertise this program and earn the big points and commissions it generates.

If you are new, you need to know what and how powerful points are.  click here!


As Simple as Copy, Click and Paste!

Copy either of the following ads and included personal link that assures immediate credit (
or if you'd like be creative and create your own).  How to copy and paste

GET A QUOTE... GET A GIFT!   Our partners want the opportunity to prove what they can do for you....Vacations!.. MP4s!... Video Cameras!... and so much more... You don't spend a dime... just get your FREE Quote, Sample or FREE Trial, then choose your GIFT![PERSONALID]/600dollarsofFREEgasandfood.htm


Vacations!.. MP4s!... Video Cameras!... and so much more... WHAT A CONCEPT! Do what you already do... Save on what you already use... but get gas, groceries, vacations, etc... for doing it?[PERSONALID]/600dollarsofFREEgasandfood.htm



Click each of the social sharing buttons below.  The comment submission page pops up, already coded to your personal gift site.



Place your curser in the submission form and paste, then click their submit button.  That's it!


  • Remember, some of our most successful members are outside the US and Canada... Pakistan, the Philippines, Jamaica, etc.... 

    New!! See our newly TOTALLY Upgraded VIRAL MARKETING Program!  click here.

How does this work?  How Much Can You Earn?

See Sample of potential earnings, Click Here!

As you know, any free quote, trial, survey, purchase, etc... that is generated by your site, earns points for profit sharing

When a visitor gets a free quote or free trial, takes a survey, makes a purchase, etc... you get points that pay you! 

 He or she gets the promotional item they choose and you GET PAID!   See Samples

The more FREE trials and quotes originated from your site...  the more you earn!

  • Example of How Easy it is:    (Then, see below to see how much you can actually earn)

    What we are showing below is one aspect of our Viral Marketing.   See Viral Marketing, What and How to Share

    Any time you go to any of your social media, i.e. facebook, linkedin, pinterest, Google+ etc...  While you are there, take a 15 seconds to copy and paste into it, the link or banner below.  It is that simple to Promoting and Earning from these free offers.

    Advertise this link

    Click Here. 

    The link and banner are already coded to you, guaranteeing you get credit.


    See other pre-coded ASN banners

    for other services.

    Also see various Free Advertising sites

    and Free Marketing Methods

    Or advertise these banners


    • You may use any advertising source you prefer, but we provide many effective free advertising sites and sources.  See Free Advertising and Free Marketing Methods.

      • 1. Visitors to the Gift Page are informed that for taking advantage of any free quotes or trials, they receive the Gift of their choice.  The more trials and quotes they get, the more gifts they receive and the more money you make!

        • Each service from each company is coded to you, to make sure that you get credit for each, trial, quote or sale.

      • 2. To get their gift, they just get a free trial or quote... You earn from each and every free quote or trial they get... they get more gifts, you get more Bonuses!

      • 3. This marketing program also earns you big commissions-  The gift page also includes some of our most needed and profitable financial services. Many of your visitors will need some of the diverse legal and financial services we provide.  Bankruptcies, loans, credit repair, mortgage negotiation, etc...   We always provide premiere service at at affordable cost.  Our motto is simple...

         A Service No One Can Afford... Is No Service at All!

      Service Your Commission Your Points
      Home Loans $300- $1,500 40
      Mortgage Reduction $300 25
      Bankruptcy $30 - $65 20
      Credit Repair $30 20
      Charity Assistance 20% 8-25


    For guaranteed consistent income... advertise your free gift site!

ESSENCE OF SIMPLICITY-  Think about it...  Implement any or ALL the countless free marketing methods we provide.   If even one person a day from the scores of people that see your posts and free offers take advantage of even one of the many free offers, quotes, samples and trials you provide i.e. a free insurance quote, free samples, free credit assistance, etc...
Even if it's just to see how much they can save... or simply to get their promotional gift... 
On every single quote, trial, sample or purchase  you earn points and the more you get the more you earn!  



For example, use our many free marketing programs.  In this program, insurance quotes are big earnings.  They earnabout 4 points (even if they don't buy).  30 days times 4 points each earns you over 100 points per month.  This Guarantees you are paid the Profit Sharing Platinum Bonus EVERY month!  (Platinum, Guarantees to pay you, at least, $100 to $500 or more)

        PLUS!... You also earn an additional 10% of all points over and above 100!

See (How Profit Sharing Bonuses are Calculated)... and all it requires is that you take 15 seconds to add a small link during your normal facebook or other social media activities!  See Viral Marketing Basics 

  • HOW SIMPLE IS IT?  When you are on Facebook or Google+, etc... Why not spend an extra 15 seconds and get paid for it?  See the many viral marketing options.

  • How simple is it really? Right now, copy and paste the following into sentence and link into your Facebook page and watch what happens.

    • WHAT A CONCEPT! Do what you already do... See how much you save on what you already use every day, even groceries!... and get gas, groceries, vacations, and more... for doing it?

      see how![PERSONALID]/600dollarsofFREEgasandfood.htm

  By completing the above simple step, you just started building a guaranteed... 

no investment monthly income!  What could be easier?   See Viral Marketing


  • Earn Even More!  BIG COMMISSIONS! Up to $1,500 per action

    The Promotional Gift page also contains banners to some  of our most needed and high paying services, i.e. Home Purchases, Mortgage Negotiation, Bankruptcy, Credit Repair, Taxes, etc... the banners are already coded to you for credit!  That means, even if they just clicked your link for the free gift, but see a service they need... you get the credit, the points and the commission.   See below for samples of these services and what they pay you.   This simple promotional gift program is a conduit to huge profits.  Use it, it's simple and FREE and Profitable!

  • Make Even More!... A LOT MORE!-  

    Make sure you share the ASN opportunity and that your downline is aware of and uses this Gift program.  Doing so can make you Rich!

    If your downline uses this system, they will make money.  And remember, the more they earn... the more you earn

    As you know, with ASN, you earn commission overrides on every activity from every member and every visitor to every site in your entire downline through up to 10 levels...  That means that for every quote, trial, survey or purchase made by any member or visitor to those sites, YOU EARN!  Share this business and these methods and just watch what happens.

    Following is the downline of one of our newer members after being with us a little over 2 months...

    1st LVL Points

    2d LVL Points

    3rd LVL Points

    4th LVL Points

    5th LVL Points

    6th LVL Points

    7th LVL Points

    8th LVL Points

    9th LVL Points

    10th LVL Points

    Mentor Points

    Total Active Downline













    We have many members who have been in the business for only 2 months, who now have downlines in excess of 2,000 members... This means that every month, they earn commission overrides on every free quote, trial, survey, purchase and sale made by every visitor to every site in their downline of over 2,000 members.  We will help you do the same. See What to Do!

    Not only does this incredible program earn points and commissions for you, but when your downline starts using these and our scores of additional simple free money making programs, not only do they earn... Amazing things start happening for you!

    • How to Earn $20,000 monthly?

      No legitimate business creates wealth overnight.  If real, it takes time and effort.   The same is true with ASN; we're just faster and easier.

      As you know, with "claim your check", you can earn $100 to $500 in the next hour.  But with ASN you can do so much more...

      If over the next 6 months you shared this with just 15 people, who shared it with 5 each who shared it with 4, who shared with 3, who shared with 2 who shared with 1 each, etc, through 10 levels.... and each of your downline members uses a combination of our Free gifts system, Personal Use and our many other marketing methods to generate just 25 points each per month from their sites.   Your income would be well over $20,000 per month!

                         That's not hype, it's a fact.  See How

    • Are you actually going to earn that much?  Probably not.  But, I do know that with this system, you can.  IT IS UP TO YOU!   Nowhere, can you get the kind of EXPLOSIVE growth that that is possible with ASN.  Your business can easily grow so much faster. 

      • Realize, the above example was over a period in which you shared with 15 in 6 months...   We have many members  who have shared with 10 in their first 24 hours! And some who within 2 weeks shared with over 100!   How?  they simple followed the system. see what now.  If you follow the system you  will earn.  PERIOD.

      The ASN system allows you to do Great Things!  but is all comes down to you.  Maybe you won't earn $20,000 a month...  but I guarantee if you or ANYONE invests any consistent effort, at all, (even 2 to 3 hours per month), you will earn a consistent monthly income... practically in you sleep!  That's a given, I really don't think anyone who has actually worked and understands the system is going to argue that...  

      See what members are saying!  But unequivocally, thanks to our Infinity Bonuses, you or anyone else can earn $100 to $500 in about the next hour.  Guaranteed!   


What Good is a Diamond Mine... If No One Digs?

No matter how great the opportunity, without the original effort, nothing happens.   Follow this system and get your site "out there" i.e. take advantage of the many FREE advertising sites we give you, the many FREE directory and search engine submission sites we provide  and FREE Marketing Methods we teach you, do this and your site will soon be on virtual auto pilot.  You will be earning money in your in your sleep.  24-7.  That is the unparalleled opportunity of the internet... but the ASN system puts it on steroids!  This opportunity is incredible... but it won't happen by itself.


Your ASN business is much like a snow ball rolling down the hill.  Once it gets moving it generates a momentum of it's own.  When it's going, you could barely stop it if you tried.  But the trick is in exercising the commitment, the effort to get it rolling in the first place. 


We've provided every tool anyone could need...  And most of them are free, but it's up to each member member to use them to get that "snowball" rolling.                                                    

To the left, we've shown the incredible number of ways that ASN gives you to earn. 

Here are the Steps that Make it Happen!

Click here to see the 10 step comprehensive FREE marketing methods that tie everything together to create an earning system that will have your business growing, overnight, 24/7 with absolutely no investment.

Put each step in place... and watch what happens!



Our Promotional program helps you with EVERY aspect of building your business.  They help you to build your downline, larger and quicker; earn bigger and more frequent commissions; and earn points and income with more consistency.


BUILDS YOUR DOWNLINE GROUP BONUSES-- When someone simply joins ASN for FREE, they become a member of your downline (you earn overrides on any of their quotes, trials, purchases or sales).  By joining they receive a Vacation Certificate to one of our Luxury Vacation Resorts.  Even if they joined only out of curiosity or ONLY for the Gift-- when they see how easy earning with ASN is, they start building their own business...  And that builds YOURS.  Then, when people join THEIR downline, that builds YOUR business even more, etc... 


EARN COMMISSIONS AND POINTS--  As a powerful incentive to action, visitors to any of your site's pages, receive the above gifts for simply taking advantage of ANY product, service, free trial, quote, or by making ANY purchase from any of our hundreds of links and thousands of products... NO MATTER HOW LARGE OR SMALL THAT PURCHASE MAY BE... Even if they do nothing other than get a free insurance quote, they receive the gifts.  And remember, even Free Quotes earn you points and money!  Just get people to visit your site and the system does the rest.  See Marketing Methods.   and our New Training Series.


EARN MONEY FOR GIVING THINGS AWAY!  This simple marketing methods (also, one of the most profitable), lets you do nothing but GIVE AWAY Promotional gift items. Your visitors join or simply take advantage of ANY service or Make ANY purchase NO MATTER HOW SMALL! They register the activity for their products, service, quote, trial, etc... and you get paid. 


The following link is what your customers will see and is the link that you want to use. 

Just copy and paste it into whatever advertising source you decide to use.

Promotional Page


We are often asked "Can members take advantage of these offers?"

The answer is, Yes!  Just take advantage of any point producing activity on your site; copy and paste the confirmation email that you will receive for the free trial, quote, service, purchase, etc,  into the Point Confirmation  link.  You will immediately be taken to the promotional items page. 

From there, just choose what you want!
























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