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How to Grow Young?!

This is not an Ad.  The following is information that has changed and improved my life and I want to share it with everyone. 

Do you know anyone with health issues?  Aging prematurely?  Share this link with them.  I promise they will thank you!

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This Is Not An Ad... This is about Health

Your Health... and the Health of those you love!

The following is something that I absolutely believe in that has changed and improved my life and I want to share it with everyone.  I' m NOT going to tell you about some special formulas that you can only get from ASN.  The nutrients I' m going to discuss are available everywhere and are reasonably inexpensive.  Of course, we hope that you purchase them from our partners... as an ASN member you get paid  by doing so :-)  


However,  this page is not so much about business as it is about life and health.  My concern here is not finances or income.  The issue addressed is much more important.   It's about health; your health and the health of your loved ones.  I want everyone to have access to this vital information.

You Don't Have to Get These Nutrients From Us... But Get Them!


What I take works!  They will work for you!  Click Here!

Important!  Do you have a weak immune system? 

See Many Reasons We Get Sick


My name is Bruce Castro,

Founder of The All Solutions Network and ASN Hosting. 

As we all know, good nutrition and health is the foundation of everything.  But many of us want to not only feel good, but look good! (Me included).  The following information is about nutrients that I have found that have done amazing things for me, personally.  You can actually Reverse Aging, Look Younger, Increase Sexual Stamina and Libido, Get Healthier and Live Longer with what I call  the Nutritional Fountain of Youth.


Over the past couple of decades there has been an explosion of new understanding of the biological causes of aging.  This is information that is readily available, but not widely known.  

I personally take a lot of vitamins, twice a day.  And for those interested, at the end of this article I tell you EXACTLY the regimen that I adhere to, religiously.  I have been doing so for many years and continue to have great results.

Fountain of Youth?

I have used, religiously, all of the following myself for about the past 35 years.  As of this writing 2021, I am 63 years of age.  At 50, I was often told I looked 30!  I no longer look 30 but I don't look 50 either.  People usually guess my age as being in my 40's, but NEVER even close to 60.   I, personally, have enjoyed ALL of the following benefits and more...


Increased Muscle Mass

Improved Health

Markedly Less Joint Pain

Increased Stamina

Elevated Mental Attitude

More Strength

The Fountain of Youth?

I firmly believe that for all intents and purposes these slowed and in many ways Reversed my Aging process.  For example my wife is 18 years younger than me and I STILL usually run rings around her!  That is a FACT!


Yes, I look much younger than I am but more importantly, I feel so much better  than I should!  I believe you really can feel better, be healthier and do it naturally by utilizing the newest and most comprehensive information on health and aging.  I've written a few articles specifically on DHEA, MSM, and Melatonin.  Although, I haven't yet created an article on it, I've recently added to my regimen the amino acid, L- Arginine which helps to naturally lower blood pressure, help with erectile dysfunction by increasing blood levels of nitric oxide.   It also generates numerous additional benefits including elevated alertness and better attitude. . 


Below you will find the exact nutrition regimen that I use with fantastic results and if you choose, the company below will create the precise nutritional regimen you request.


If you take the same nutrients I do...  Will you get the same benefits I do?   I can't Guarantee it because we all have slightly different physiologies and personal chemistries...  But based on what they've done for me, I can't imagine anyone not feeling and seeing dramatic improvement!  You really can look and feel younger and better by using these supplements which are at the forefront of the newest biological technologies


The following free sites and free health and nutritional information is provide as useful, beneficial information for you and your visitors.  Over the past decade and more, there has been an explosion of new understanding of the biological causes of aging.  This is information that is readily available, but still not widely known.


The consistent use of the following nutrients can let you to experience all of the following, (they really have done all of this for me). The quality of your life can be dramatically improved and maintained.  Think about it-- when you look younger and feel younger-- You feel better!  Try these nutritional therapies.  They work.


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Following are some of the newest biological technologies--
A one sentence description would not do them justice.  If you, like me, are feeling age creeping up on you.  READ THESE ARTICLES!  I, personally, use these products and more... but the three below are at the foundation of my regimen.  I use them religiously and recommend them without reservation!





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  P E T S ! . . .
Keep Your Best Friends
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Please Read This Important Message from:

Bruce Castro,

Owner and Founder of the Solutions Network and ASN Hosting:


We all know there are countless sources for our nutritional and health requirements.  Many companies service specific niches which make them a great choice for their area of expertise. My goal has always been to provide you with the best information and sources for health. 





... With that in mind, the most powerful recommendation I can provide is to tell you that I promote only companies that I know and trust so much that I either use them for my personal needs or refer to friends and family for their specific requirements.


 If I or they don't use it with great results, those companies ARE NOT ALLOWED on ASN websites.   Based on my opinion and experience, below you will find some of the best.


Between them, the total selection and quality is outstanding and their prices range from the lowest to be found to, if not the lowest, very reasonable for the great quality that is delivered.

 I cannot recommend them more strongly. 













Incredible New Age Biotechnologies.




The FDA basically requires that I say "anything that I say is not proven":.  So I won't tell you it's all proven.  What I can and will say with no hesitation is that, since beginning the regimen of nutrients that I describe below, my life has DRAMATICALLY changed for the better, and I am CONSTANTLY told that I look well over a decade YOUNGER than I actually am!..   That's a fact!


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My Immune System is Unbelievable.

Again, this is  a fact.  I DON'T GET SICK!  When the flu hits everyone else around me, my wife, my friends my kids (why do they get sick?- I think it's becaue they don't like vitamins!).  I've never felt the need to avoid people that are ill.  Even though, it may be foolhardy and even stupid, even now with Covid, I seriously don't worry about it.  I literally tell people "I don't get sick" and I almost never do!... (Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm in an impermeable bubble that is impervious to everything, but with virtually no exception, the worst thing that happens to me is that while my body is fighting off viruses (that have already taken down everyone else), I might feel a bit run down for a few hours or very occasionally a day, at most.  I can't prove it, but my best guess is that the only reason I even slow down is because my body is working to defend against the intruding virus. Consequently, my energy is used to fight rather than work


The information below regarding my nutritional regiment works.

I' m not going to go into a detailed course on bio chemistry, that I' m not qualified to teach :-)... but I don't believe anything until I understand the mechanistic basics of how it works so I study before I use.  So, very quickly, here's why I believe the regimen below is effective for  improving your immune system.  In a nutshell...



Basically Viruses make you sick by invading your cells, co-opting their internal machinery to reproduce themselves by the millions, even billions.  They then explode from the cell into your blood stream looking for and finding millions of new cells to invade and attack, thus starting the system infection process over and over again.  Often our immune system is overrun before it knows what hit it! 


You can't "catch" a cold, flu or any other virus until and unless the virus is able to successfully invade a multitude of your cells.  The more difficult it is for a virus to enter your cells, the slower the viral infection progresses. This is because healthy cells impede the entry of the Virus Army.  This slows the intracellular viral reproduction giving your immune system time to construct a defense strong enough to enable it to prevail BEFORE the invaders are able to explode out of control and actually cause a full blown severe or even fatal illness.  


The virus can't multiply until it invades a cell.  Strong cell walls reduce the speed of viral incursions thus slowing down their system wide reproduction. Consequently, that reduces the number of individual pathogens that your immune system has to combat at any moment.  By holding the number of individual viruses down, the creation of your immune system's anti bodies have time to multiply faster than does that of the virus.  This increases your anti body to virus ratio making your body's response more effective, giving you a quicker recovery and a smaller chance of actually getting "full blown sick" in the first place!

Remember, our bodies are in a non stop war against pathogens... the only question is who is winning at any moment!


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Some Reasons That Nutritional Prevention is So EFFECTIVE

  • Vitamin C- We already know the benefits of vitamin C for fighting off colds and flu.

    One of the mechanisms by which it works is that it is essential in the building of every cell in your body.  If there is a Vitamin C deficiency, the cell walls aren't quite as strong, contain more weak access points and are simply more susceptible to invasion by viruses.  More vitamin C, stronger cell walls, better defense against viruses.  It turns out this true,  but only a part of the health equation.

  • Most of us miss this- It turns out that there are 2 additional nutrients that work synergistically with Vitamin C to create not just a stronger cell wall but a HEALTHIER cell wall.  Without the proper inclusion of these two important nutrients, the cell wall is much less healthy than it should be.  A bit like building a Brick wall, but not including the mortar.  It is strong but has no flexibility and is replete with weak points.  What's missing?

    • Calcium-  we all know how important calcium is to that proper formation, strengthening and healing of bones.  What many don't know, is that it also is just as vital for the proper formation and health of every aspect of your body, including your skin, and for the purposes of this article, your cells.

    •  MSM- METHYLSULFONYLMETHANE- A biological form of sulfur.  It is naturally occurring in almost everything!  However, unless you don't cook your food, there is a high likelihood that you have an MSM deficiency.  The process of cooking strips this vital nutrient from our meals  MSM is also vital for the proper creation of bones, ligaments, skin, etc... You guessed it... it is vital to the proper creation of your cells. 

      • You will see almost immediate proof of MSM's impact on your physiology.  As soon as you begin your regimen, you will notice your hair and nails, growing faster.  (What you are seeing on the outside, is also happening on the inside).

The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts-  Vitamin C, Calcium, MSM, each have their own specific benefits.  But when taken together, by making sure that they are in your system at the same time so that they can work together, the result is a synergism that enhances and improves all that they do.  Use these together and the cells of your body will function better.  Instead of the brittleness of the brick wall with no mortar they have the flexibility function as they were meant to... The cell walls will more easily take in nutrients, they will more easily expel toxins and waste and most importantly, they will more efficiently fight off the invasion of  viruses.  You Will Be More Healthy.

Where to  get these nutrients? 

You can get them almost anywhere... just make sure you get them  from a trustworthy source.  The companies to the right are great!




Before undertaking any nutritional regimen one should consult their doctor to insure that anything taken does not have an adverse reaction with any medications that you may be taking. 

NOTE-- Everything described below is completely natural and to the best of my knowledge all are non reactive.




Most recent studies show that Vitamin E and Zinc are VERY effective in preventing or, at the very lessening the impact of Covid.

  • 100 mg of DHEA

  • Vitamin E 1,000 international units

  • Zinc 50 mg

  • 1000mg MSM

  • 500 mg L-Arginine

  • 200 mcg Chromium Picolinate

  • Multi Vitamin (Take a good all inclusive multi vitamin.  Contrary to many companies that are looking to make a fortune, it doesn't have to be terribly expensive, just make sure that it's a good one that has a little bit of EVERYTHING).

  • 2400 mg of lecithin (studies indicate that it's good for the brain and helps to lower cholesterol build up in arteries)

  • 1200 mg EPA fish oil (great for heart, mind and acts as an anti inflammatory that reduces chronic joint paid).

  • 500 mg Calcium (There is no longer any doubt of the many benefits of calcium for the heart, bones, skin, and connective tissues)

  • 1000 mg vitamin C  (One of the best anti-oxidants, great for your skin, health, works in conjunction with Calcium and MSM for optimum cellular health).

Evening Before Bed. (similar to morning but changes in red).

  • 50 mg of DHEA

  • Vitamin E 1,000 international units

  • Zinc 50 mg

  • 1000mg MSM

  • 500mg L-Arginine

  • 1000 mg of lecithin

  • 1200 mg EPA fish oil (great for heart).

  • 500 mg Calcium (There is no longer any doubt of the many benefits of calcium for the heart, bones, skin, and connective tissues)

  • 1000 mg vitamin C. (One of the best anti-oxidants, great for your skin, health, works in conjunction with Calcium and MSM for optimum cellular health)

  • 10 mg Melatonin

Again, I' m not telling anyone that this is what they should do.  It is, however, what I do and it works incredibly well for me. 


I can honestly say that over the past 30 years, only TWICE, have I experienced anything more than a slight cough or sniffle...


   To Your Health!

   Bruce Castro


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