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The ASN Motto:  If you have to spend it anyway... why not get paid for it?

Phones, Dish, Internet, Electricity, Gas... you now earn from all of them!

Order the service for yourself... you earn!  or Family, Friends... You earn!...

Month after Month after Month!

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You Make and Save from Every Company in Every Link Below!

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ASN's Favorites!

Auto Loans
Beauty Products
Business Supplies
Clothes & Misc Accessories

Credit Cards & No Credit Personal Loans

Free Credit Reports
Discount Insurance
Education and Career


Music Mags Books,Tickets

Fine Jewelry & Watches
Gifts and Flowers
Food, Spirits & Sweets
Health & Fitness Grow Young!
International Services
Pet Care & Supplies

Real Estate & Home Repair

    No Down RE Financing
      Free foreclosure Lists
Success Principles
Toys and Games
Travel and Vacations


No Credit Check Personal Loans



Free Home Classifieds

Have a house to sell? To Rent?  A Rent to Own Home?  Place your ad, complete with picture and description for free!



Free Misc Classifieds

BRAND NEW! Selling a car? A motorcycle? Looking for a friend, placing a personal? Misc goods or services?  Place your ad here-- for free!



Fund Raising Assistance

Are you... or do you know of a School, Church or other worthy organization that is need of new sources of Revenue?  Click Here to see how we can help.


Health Products

Every nutritional product you can think of is here.


Free Search Engine Submission

Free links to all major search engines and directories.


No Down Home Loans

Low Interest No Down Home Loans, even with bad credit, late pays, collections or bankruptcy.  Let us show you how easy it is to buy!


Want a New Career in Finance? No Experience or Lic. Required.

Click here for complete details.


Free Repo Lists

Always Free lists of Foreclosures, HUD homes, Bank Repos, VA foreclosures, IRS Seizures, etc...


Do You Need a Will?

Valuable estate planning and Low Cost Will Preparation Services.


U Pay 2 Much Taxes

Income tax strategies that will save you money.


No Down Investments

Free Online Creative Financing Course teaches you to buy real estate with no money, no credit, (even bad credit), and even no job.



Tips on how to have a successful divorce, and low cost nationwide services.

Monthly New Customer Bonuses!

This Month, Purchase or sell any new two U.S. services below and earn $20 for each!... even if the service is for you!.. You then also earn every month the service remains active!  

Sign up more than 2?  You earn $25 for each additional service! 

Bonuses Paid Twice Monthly!  And, earn every month on each service!

Qualifying Services

High Speed Internet Flash Wireless Vivint Security
Local & Long Distance High speed Internet & Voice ADT Security
Flash Wireless Xoom Energy Dish or Direct TV

Click Here for U.S. Services


See how your phone and internet can be FREE!.

You're already paying for them...

why not let them pay you!

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You are already paying for them... why not let them pay you?

Thanks to a unique arrangement forged with ACN, the worlds largest direct seller of Monthly Utility Related Services; Services that almost everyone uses... every day... month after month, year after year...  i.e. Phones, DSL, Dish, Gas, Electricity, and more...  THEY NOW PAY YOU!  You now earn month after month on your cell phone bills, utilities, internet connections, Satellite TV, etc... It's as easy as switching providers.   A Simple Concept... Buy from yourself... You pay less... and and you EARN more!    Help your friends and family to lower their bills... and you earn even more!

PLUS- Pay your bill... feed a child!

 Every month you or your customer pays their bill... See How You Feed a Child! 

United States


United Kingdom



New Zealand



















If you are paying for them anyway... why not let them pay you!  Cell Phones, DSL, Television, Energy... Electricity, Gas...

ASN Global Services... Pay less!  Earn More!

International Global Services

If you have to spend it anyway... Why not get paid for it?

See why this is such a huge addition to the ASN System!  Click Here!

How it works!

You are already an ASN member, so you can start earning and saving right now!  Just become your own customer!  Go to the right hand column to see how to get service... 


   You already pay for these services... why not let them pay you!


Cell phones, DSL, Utilities, Dish, etc... purchase the service from yourself and you earn month after month as long as your service is in force.

Then Earn More by Helping Others Save!

Send your friends and family to your services page... they save and you earn even more!  Send them here!


Upon making their order, you will begin earning month after month... as long as their service is in force!


How Many Points Do You Earn?

Each and every service pays you, month after month:

1 point per $25 retail service cost per month.

Points are not earned on shipping, installation, taxes or processing


Examples of How You Earn:


* Tired of paying too much for your cell service?  Order the unlimited Data, Unlimited Text, Unlimited Minutes and Internet with no contract plan for only $47 per month.

From just this service alone, you earn 2 points every month which earns you, at least, 3 levels of downline every month.

And through our charity affiliation, you are feeding a child every month!



Your friend wants to save money so comes to your customer site

Customer Site

They order the same phone service... that's another 2 points every month!  And they even have the option of getting FREE phone services.

You are now guaranteed to earn, at least:

* The Fast Start profit sharing bonus every month...

* 3 levels of commission overrides on your downline.

* and are qualified to start earning Training Bonuses of up to $5,000 per month or more!  See training bonuses.



Get a FREE Phone and EXPLODE! your business by helping others with their bills!

You and your friends are probably paying too much for cable access, dsl, phones, etc...  Assume a couple of your friends want to save on their bills. They go to Customer Site order their service.  They are now lowering their bills and you are making even more money with more points!


Remember, you don't have to be an ASN member to take advantage of the free services offer.  You show ANYONE how to get a free phone, and it benefits you.


If refer a NON member who signs up and refers for free service

  • they get their FREE service,

  • you get your points, from each of their 5 referred services

  • then they send others to your link to get their free phones and you earn the points for all of them!

If it IS a member (tell your downline how to get their free phones!:

You get your phone by telling your downline to go to THEIR site to get their service and use YOUR Service Phone Number as the referral.  You get your free phone as the referrer, they get the personal points for their service and you get the points as their upline!



  • Get 5 of your your first level ASN members to sign up for wireless services for themselves as an ASN member, but using your phone number as the wireless referrer.  

    • Because they used your phone number as the referrer, you get FREE service.

    • but because they signed up from THEIR site, they get personal points from each of their services..

    • And you get Group Overrides on the points because their are in your downline!


  • When you have 5 customers, your service is free!

  • Your customers can also get their service for free.  All they do?  Simply send others to Your Link! 

  • Those new customers can also get free phone service.  How?  Again, by sending people to Your Link! 

  • THOSE, new customers can also get free phone service.  Again, by sending people to Your Link! 

No matter how many levels this goes on... they are always in your first level because they are starting from Your Link!  So you always get the personal points.  Have enough points?  Start sending your referrals to your downline's sites!


AS always, with ASN, the more you help, the more you make!

Imagine your business growth...

Your downline building with this program, their customers building your organization, saving money, getting free service, and feeding children.


Your customers... and there referrals and their referrals and their referrals are all generating points for you and your downline!  This is a great way to save, help others and guarantee to always be earning month after month after month!...

And like everything else, ASN, all you do is help others and share!


Imagine what happens to your group bonuses when your downline starts sharing and helping others to save money with international services and free phones.  Remember, you don't have to be an ASN member to take advantage of the free services offer. 


They get their service then send others to your link to get their free service... the new customers send others to your link to get THEIR free services, etc...

and you earn every month from every service ordered... no matter how many!


Fourth:  Business Services

We provide a huge array of services for businesses at commercial rates.  You can save them money and explode your income!

It's not unusual for companies to pay thousands of dollars every month on their gas, phones, etc...


You can save them money and make a fortune!



When your point earnings from utilities are at 100 you now earn all six of our profit sharing bonus.

What happens when your point earnings exceed 100?  We then start paying you a 10% commission override on all points over 100!


It's easy to see how profitable these new services are.  Click Here!

Realize, we now provide them in over 20 countries with more countries and services being added constantly! 


Remember, you earn commission overrides on every service, from every member and every customer from every site in every country!


What's that mean?

Think about...

What happens when your downline of 50, 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 members start paying themselves with their own services?  1,000 members order phone services?  Dish?  Internet?... Your income explodes!


Log into your back office, right now and take a look at your downline.  Member Login

Send an email to each and every one of your downline members.  Make sure they know about this new incredible program!


Realize, when they decide to save and make money by purchasing their services from themselves, and then start helping their friends and family to save as well...

Not only do they make more money... so do you!

The more they make, the more you make!

It will save them money.

It will make them money.

It just may make you rich!

It gets even better!


To help get you and your downline started with a BANG, when you, your downline, your customers or your downline customers start a new service...  We DOUBLE your points for your first month's service.

If you would have earned 4 you now earn 8.

If you would have earned 8 you now earn 16...

Remember... the beauty of this is that your global services income is not a one time income... it is a residual that continues as long as you and your customers, your downline and their customers keep their service in tact! 

They will keep their services, why?

Because ASN saves your customers money.

Click Here to get your new money making and saving services started today!

Just click here if you need help getting your service changed, support personnel are there to help you.


The relationship between ASN and the ACN International service providers is at the corporate level.  Consequently, customer support personnel can help with the services and orders, but can not answer anything about how these services relate to your ASN Business and earnings.



















Start Saving and Earning Now!

Get FREE Phone Service, Local, Long Distance or Wireless? 

*Just order your Flash wireless, local or long distance service from us. 

* Then refer just 5 new customers and your service is free!

They get the best service at the best price and you get FREE!!

Free offer is available in US and Canada only.



This takes you to the same page you will use to get service referrals.

See the Third example on the left to see how POWERFUL this can be.

 What's Available in My Area?

Different countries and states have different available services.  However, as each state or country deregulates their various industries, such as electricity or gas, we bring them into the system so you earn even more!

How's ASN Global Services work?

  • First Click Here If in Canada, Click Here.

    Then Choose your state or province.

    It will then take you to the page that provides the services available in your state. 

    • What if you already have the same service from the same company? i.e. AT&T, Dish, etc...  You can cancel and re-order the service from your site!  You will save money and start earning points every month your service is in force!

    What if you have questions about ordering the service?  Simple:

    • What if you questions?

      just click here.

    • You can then call and ask for the specifics of anything.


Upon completion of your service, paste your receipt below:

Service Confirmation

Henceforth, each payment for this service will be auto tracked each month to you for automatic credit and every time you bill is paid, we feed a child!  We feed a child!

  • Not in the US or Canada?

    After Clicking Here

    You will see about 20 flags of different countries at the bottom of the page.  Just on click on the flag for your country. 

    Your country, it's language and available services will be available.



Upon origination of your service, paste your receipt below:

Point Confirmation

Henceforth, each payment for this service will be auto tracked each month to you for automatic credit.

US and Canada Services

Remember, if you are in the US or Canada and need assistance, you can simply click here to have questions answered about ordering or switching services answered.

 International Services  NON US or Canada

If you are not in the US or Canada, the service page for each country will have it's own support link to answer your questions.


Click Here to get your new money making and saving services started today!


The relationship between ASN and International service providers is at the corporate level.  Consequently, customer support personnel can help with the services and orders, but can not answer anything about how these services relate to your ASN Business and earnings.







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