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After submitting the basic information, just follow the simple instructions on the page you are directed to.  Although, improved credit is not needed to buy, those who want it are given, at no cost, the most effective comprehensive Credit Repair Courses and Information available, anywhere. Many have used these methods to improve their scores by 100 and even 200 points... and we send them to you for FREE!

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Finding the perfect home buying structure is as much a creative art, as an exact science.  In many cases a new loan is not possible... but, there is always a way for you to buy.  We are committed to making home ownership a reality for all.  The reality is that every financing option, loan, seller, purchaser and transaction always has its own unique set of individual strengths and weaknesses.  No loan or transaction is perfect, in and of itself.  The perfect home purchase or financial structure is always created by tailoring it to fit your specific needs and circumstances, taking into account the attributes of both you, the seller and the subject property.. 

We are committed to finding the financing option that best accomplishes your objectives.  

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NOTE: Specific Market conditions change on an almost daily basis.  Consequently, the availability and precise requirements of individual purchasing programs and methods are subject to change without notice.  However, In spite of changing market specifics or programs, one thing that does not change... We ALWAYS have a way... We will find a purchasing structure that will allow you to become a homeowner, with nothing down, regardless of your credit or employment situation.

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Overview of Many Purchase Options

Looking for a Loan Because Your Current Payments are Too High?

You many not need a loan or even a different home.  See our unique mortgage reduction programs that can lower your payments by hundreds per month and even reduce your principle balance by Tens of Thousands of Dollars.  See How!


First Time Buyer Home Loan Programs

Specific financing programs available for borrowers who have not had an interest in a home for the past 2 to 3 years.  What are the benefits?  They vary depending on your location, income, credit and other criteria.  The important thing to remember is that if you fit into the criteria for your area, it can usually reduce your interest rate, payment amount, and/or down payment requirement.   See How We Can Help!!


Down Payment Assistance and Cash Grants

There are many agencies, charities, municipalities, etc... that will either lend you part of the down payment, all of the down payment, (usually repaid over 20 years), OR, many many House loan programs in which your down payment is actually given to you, (this is common, one just needs to know where and how to apply).  Some of the Down Payment assistance programs have income limitations-- the rational  being that if you make over a certain amount of money you should have been able to save  your down payment.  Many other home loan programs have no such constraints.  Let us know your situation and we'll find the one that works best for you.  See How We Can Help!


Absolutely No Money Down Home Loans

There are many government and conventional home loan programs that,  if your income vs. debt ratios are not too high, a loan of 100% of the purchase price will be given you.  However, remember there are still closing costs that must be paid.  (Note: we work in conjunction with your realtor to negotiate a transaction in which the seller, pays most of your closing costs        See How We Can Help!!


107% LTV No Money Down Home Loans

These are Home loans and Refinances in which the lender will give 103% to 107% of the purchase price or appraised value.  Why would they do that?  That extra 3% to 7% covers all of your closing costs.  Requires good credit and reasonable debt ratios.      See How We Can Help!!


95% to 100% Non-Owner Occupied Investor Loan

If you are an investor with Great Credit you can get the entire purchase price of your residential property financed.  There are many ways to accomplish this but the most usual is a First Mortgage for 80% of the value and then a "Piggy Back" loan funded by us for the remaining 20% of the value.    See How We Can Help!!


No Money Down Stated Income Home Loans

Some people make a ton of money, but have a great tax man so that their tax returns show little or no income.  We understand the realities of aggressive tax manipulation.  As such, with reasonable credit and an ability to show income (via bank statements or other similar methods), we can use your  statement of your income to get you qualified for that No Money Down Home Loan.   See How We Can Help!!


No Doc, No Asset, No Job Home Loans

Do you have a great tax man?  No bank accounts?  No Job? Couldn't prove the ability to buy a hamburger?  But REALLY GOOD  credit?  If so, you just have to prove that you are still breathing :-)  It can be reasonably assumed that you have an income from some source to pay your existing obligations so... Even though we can't verify anything--  as with the stated income loan, we can use your  statement of income and past proven ability to pay to get you approved.   See How We Can Help!!


Bad Credit No Down Loans

Do you have big credit problems?  This doesn't mean that you can't buy-- It simply means that you might have to use creative financing techniques to become a home owner.  We have all loan programs needed to implement these techniques.      See How We Can Help!!


Also see- Our Free Online Creative Financing No Down Course. 

This free online book will show you everything that you need to know about alternative ways to buy.  Even with no loan, money, no credit or even BAD credit!


No Credit, No Money Down Home Loans

Many people believe that buying a home is difficult and requires the establishment of substantial good credit before they may take that important step to home ownership.  That is absolutely untrue. The truth is that it is easier  to buy than to rent-- and no credit is much better than bad credit.  Many of the newest government programs will allow the person with absolutely no credit and no money to buy.    See How We Can Help!!


No Money?  No Job?  Bad Credit? -- NO PROBLEM!

Do you have a recent Bankruptcy?  Charge offs?  Late Payments?  Collections?, No Job? etc...   No matter what your situation, you can still buy!  Sometimes even with the array of financial options we provide, a loan is simply not possible.  But You Can Still Buy!  We will still show you exactly how to become a homeowner, no matter how your credit situation, even if you have no down payment, even if you have no income!  Knowledge and Creativity is a powerful thing!  We give you the benefit of both! t, We have the largest assortment of sub prime loans to provide financing even with these issues.  What's the drawback?  The corporations that actually fund these loans, know that they are taking a risk.  As such they require a slightly higher interest rate to compensate for that risk.  If the rate for the person with perfect credit was 5.5% you can expect that these loans would be around 7%.

    Is it worth it to pay the higher interest rate in order to become a homeowner?  Only you can really answer that question-- but many have found that when you take into account the tax write offs you will receive (see Taxes), Plus, the money you will earn from appreciation, the security of home ownership (the landlord will never again tell you to move because he needs a place for his cousin), most people agree that a slightly higher interest rate is definitely worth it.    See How We Can Help!!

NOTE: If you buy the property and then work on the credit issues see credit repair, your home can be refinanced to a low rate within 6 months.


Hard Money Home Loans

There are a myriad of sources for funding, so that no matter what your credit, no matter what your income, no matter what your down payment, as long as the loan that you need is no more than 65% to 75% of the subject property's value  (as distinguished from price), it can be funded-- whether for a purchase or  refinance.     See How We Can Help!!


Debt Consolidations

Do you own a home with equity?  Do you have some car payments and credit card payments that are costing you a fortune?  A properly structured debt consolidation can pay off those high interest high payment loans-- merge them into your house payment and save you hundreds per month!    

  See How We Can Help!!


125% Refinances

Do you own a home with No Equity?  You could still save hundreds per month.  Is your home worth $200,000 thousand dollars?  In some cases, you can borrow all of your equity plus  $50,000 more than your home is worth and you use it to pay off those high interest debts or use however you see fit. Start a business?  Down Payment for that great real estate deal?  Buy that new luxury car?  If you have great credit, you have options.   

  See How We Can Help!!


Commercial Loans

Rates and Structuring requirements of commercial loans is highly fluid and changes almost with the wind.  Apprise us of your situation and needs-- One of our professionals will work to give you the best options presently available.  

    See How We Can Help!!

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