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Learn to add 200 points to your credit score, within 45 days.  Clean your Credit, get any loan... Absolutely FREE!


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If you have the time, why not do it yourself?  We show you how to do exactly what we do.



Stop Garnishments, Foreclosure, etc... Is your credit just not salvageable?  For many situations, bankruptcy may be your best option.  See real life case files of how it helped or hurt others.  If BK is your best option, our professionals can help you start over with a low cost bankruptcy.


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No One Has to Suffer With Bad Credit!


Our professionals will help you... or we can even show you how to do it yourself...  for FREE!

Did you know... you can OBTAIN $1,000 penalties PAID TO YOU BY YOUR CREDITORS . . .

...For each and every violation of your rights as a debtor?

That's just part of  the many laws the government has enacted for your protection; laws that we use on your behalf and even teach you... You can actually receive penalties of up $1,000 per each violation of your rights!  Rights that include the right to be free of harassment in your workplace, free of phone calls after 8:00 pm and many more!

We guarantee dramatic improvement of your credit scores and show how to protect yourself from issues in the future... for FREE!

Change Your Credit... Change Your Financial Life...


  • When a properly presented credit dispute is lodged by you, by law, the creditor, has only 30 days to

  • prove it's valid.  If they can't... they have to remove it!   And that is GREAT NEWS for You!  See why.

  • If not removed, they can be fined $1,000 per each  failure to to do so... and that money goes to you!

Whether you choose to use our services or those of another company... 

or even simply decide to do it yourself-- Do Something! 

Click Here to Order Professional Credit Services Now!



The worst decision possible, is the decision to not act!

All Solutions Network-- real people solving real problems.  Want to talk to a real live person?

Call Toll Free 877 604 6636  EXT 3 (between 9am and 6pm Pacific Standard Time).

When calling please reference Service ID Code   [PERSONALID] 


If you have debts and collections that are affecting your credit scores and ability to buy a home, a car, get personal loans, etc...  there are really only 3 possible choices...

  • Pay Your Creditors- That, of course, is much easier said than done.

  • Fix Your Credit- We are committed to helping you do just that.  Whether you use our professional services, do it yourself after purchasing our Credit Kit and Manual, or even if you just get it for free.  We are going to help.  But it's important to know that not all debts are created equal.  The older a debt is, the easier it is to get it removed.  The more recent it is, the more difficult.  If the debt is less than a year or so old, the creditor can often pull out the information they need to prove the validity of the debt by just reaching into their desk drawer.  If the debts that are causing you the most problems are new, your best bet may be bankruptcy. 

  • File Bankruptcy  Bankruptcy no longer has the negative stigma that it once did.  And with the credit repair kits that we included with your bankruptcy page, you can find your self credit worthy in no time.  For details of what Bankruptcy can and can't do for you please see Bankruptcy.

  • We do our best to provide you with all viable options.  But remember, do something!  Worst thing you can do is to Do Nothing.  Credit issues do not disappear on their own.  Collections turn into judgments which turn into garnishments from paychecks and confiscation of bank accounts.

  • The quicker you get to work on solving them, the quicker they will no longer be stopping you from buying that car, getting that new home, or that credit card, etc... and remember, if you want to fix your credit on your own, we'll even GIVE you the tools to do so. Click Here.

Prefer to do it yourself?  We'll even help you to do that... also for free!


Or let our professionals do it for you?  Click Here!

Prefer to purchase our credit system for just $49.95?   Click Here

    We are dedicated to helping you find the BEST solution to your issue, whether financial, legal, credit, real estate or otherwise...  Unlike companies that provide only one particular service and therefore have a financial interest in convincing you that their service is the answer to your problems... Our Network provides all relevant services and options to credit, debt, real estate and many other issues... 


        The point is, we have no financial incentive to recommend one service over anotherWe do not have an "our ONE solution fixes all of your problems", bias.  We have only one bias-- only one goal...  To provide you with the best service, the most comprehensive information available on all viable options and then let you decide which solution is best for your circumstances.

Our goal is simple...  To help solve your Credit and Financial Issues. 

Do you want...

  • Our professionals to do restore your good credit for you?   Click Here!

  • Do you prefer to GET The  COMPLETE ASN CREDIT SYSTEM FOR FREE and od it yourself?...   Click Here!



For important links on how and why Credit repair works see below.

Credit Repair Questions Order Repair Course Order Repair Service
Credit Facts

Facts you should know about Credit Bureaus 

Why Credit Repair Works


  • DO NOT USE CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING (CCC), OR DEBT NEGOTIATION SERVICES-- 9 out of 10 times, these "services" create many more problems than they solve.  Many of our customers came to us after already having spent hundreds of dollars and a year or more with one of these "Services". 

  • What these companies  never tell you is that while "in counseling" (usually 3 years), you CAN NOT buy a house, you CAN NOT buy a car, you CAN NOT get additional credit of any kind!  

  • We provide many services.  CCC or Debt Negotiation services are not among them.  This is because we only provide services that WE KNOW will actually improve your situation.  Consumer Credit Counseling and Debt Negotiation rarely does.

Order Do It Yourself Repair Kit 

Order Credit Repair Services

NOTE:  Our restoration fees are generally about half what other companies charge-- and we guarantee dramatic improvement.  We can reduce fees to the public because much of our compensation comes from the financial institutions with which we are associated.  They compensate us when we've improved your credit so that you can get that home or car loan.

NOTE--The reality is that in some situations Bankruptcy is a better alternative than Credit Repair.  For a no nonsense look at Bankruptcy it's true effects, limitations, and benefits,  click here. and as always, if you have questions, call us. 

877 604 6636 EXT 3

When calling please use Service Code [PERSONALID]



    Does Credit Repair work? Yes!  Can you remove bankruptcies and repossessions? Yes!  Even if they really are yours?  Yes!  Is it Legal?  Yes!  Are reporting bureaus legally obligated to remove even accurate derogatory information?  NO!  If any person or company tells you otherwise-- They are lying.


Credit repair techniques can be incredibly effective and do wonders for your ability to purchase real estate, get that car or get the lowest rates on any loans--  But having said that, it does have it's limitations...  Any person or company that tells you otherwise is not being honest and is simply after your money without regard to the accuracy or benefit of the information or services they provide.


The truth is that bureaus have no obligation to remove accurate information-- and your creditors have no obligation to request that bureaus remove accurate information. BUT THEY DO REMOVE IT! and they do it EVERYDAY!   WHY? Click Here.



Order Do It Yourself Repair Kit 

If you desire to acquire the skills, knowledge and tools to repair your own credit we will provide to you the most comprehensive, easy to understand and follow, tools and methods available anywhere.

  Click here to order your Kit.

Order Credit Repair Services

Remember, You can do this on your own.  Our kit gives you everything you need to do it yourself.  But if you would rather have it handled by a professional so that you simply reap the benefits of our efforts on your behalf, our experienced professionals will handle every aspect of the repair process for you. 

Click Here to order Credit Repair Services



$20,000 Auto Purchase $150,000 Home Purchase Credit Cards

Good Credit =7% $350 payments

Bad = 20% or more $600 pmnts

Good Credit = 6.5% = $900 pmnt

Bad = 10% = $1,400

Good = 9%

Bad = 30%

Good Credit = $0 Down payment

Bad = 1/3 down, $6,500

Good Credit = $0 Down

Bad = 20%- $30,000 Down

Often with credit issues, you can't even rent a home for your family let alone purchase one. 


THERE'S NO ESCAPING IT... We pay for bad credit. 

The only question is... are we paying to keep it?  or paying to fix it??

Whether you are renting or buying a home or car-- Bad Credit is Costing you and your family.   


The Solution to any problem first requires an understanding of the nature and extent of the situation.  Whether you purchase the comprehensive credit repair course or have our trained staff repair your credit for you---You need a copy of your credit report-- click here for a free report.--


Get your FREE Credit Report Here!



       It's absolutely true that if you do nothing in a few years the credit dings will fall off your report and you'll probably be fine-- unless some creditors refile the lien, (which they have a right to do).  But how much equity will you lose on that house if you wait 4 years?  How much more will that house cost 4 years from now?  How much extra in taxes will you have paid because you don't have the tax write offs of home ownership?  see taxes.

If you do nothing, it's possible that your credit will improve, in time-- But why not make it happen FASTER?


If you have credit issues, you probably feel that you need to do something-- but what?

There are generally 4 options.  I'm going to give a quick synopsis of the options and give a more thorough explanation later.

  • Pay Your Creditors-- obviously, easier said than done.

  • Go to CCC i.e. Consumer Counseling-- As we mentioned above, that usually causes more harm than good.  Which is why we do not offer it.

  • File Bankruptcy-- In many circumstances, this is the best option for turning your credit around and protecting your family assets.  Click Here to see why or call us at toll free at 877 604 6636. ext 3.  When calling please reference service code [PERSONALID]

  • Fix Your Credit and Raise Your FICO Score-- This really can be done, we do it all the time and have had some people have score increases of 150 points and more!  And we do it for about HALF or even A THIRD of the cost of other companies. 


Because the many lenders that we work with, partially subsidize your credit repair fees so that when your credit Improves, they can fund your loan!    

  • You do have options, but if you have credit issues, you really should Do Something! The worst thing you can do is to Do Nothing!



Let's review-- CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING SERVICES, (CCCS) (funded by the united way and other organizations) is an organization that will TRY to re-negotiate your debts. Your creditors are under no legal obligation to deal with them although many do. When you are done with their program your credit will certainly be better than if you had paid nothing, but-- All of the creditors will continue to report the bad debt for seven years after you finish paying it off. CCCS is basically a collection agent that gets you to come to them. The services are not FREE as advertised. They charge a monthly fee and if you don't follow the program precisely the way they lay it out all bets are off.  And even after a couple of years of paying on time, you can still find yourself back to square one with only slightly diminished credit issues.  During the time that you are in CCC, it is virtually impossible to obtain any new credit i.e. no house and no car.  I have seen many people who struggled with the program for upwards of two years-- struggling to make the payments, trying to do the right thing by paying their bills.  They finally realize that they couldn't make it.  So they dropped out of the program and then filed bankruptcy!  If they had, instead, filed bankruptcy instead of opting for CCC, they would now be considered a good credit risk and be able to buy a home with a low interest FHA loan!  CCC was once a viable option. But in our opinion-- for many of the above reasons and because of impending BK reform, CCC no longer has the sway and bargaining power with your creditors that it once had.  This is one service that The Solutions Network does not provide because we feel that its benefits are outweighed by its risks and drawbacks.

BANKRUPTCY, the financial equivalent of a nuclear warhead should usually be the last choice. Once you push that button there's no turning back. Even if you change your mind in the process and withdraw the case, it will show that you filed a bankruptcy for 10 years which to any potential lenders is the same as having gone through with it in the first place. However, as bad as that is, there are many situations in which it is truly the most prudent course of action.  For comprehensive details and discussion see bankruptcy articles.  For here suffice it to say, chapter 7 will discharge your debts.  Within two years of filing, if you pay all obligations on time, you will be able to buy a home at the best rates and terms available.  On a chapter 13, even while STILL in the repayment plan, if for 12 months you pay on time, you can buy a  home with an FHA loan.  The bottom line-- BK is not to be a first choice, but it will solve many immediate problems and the credit issues that it poses are relatively short term, provided--- You keep your credit clean after filing!

CREDIT RESTORATION COMPANIES or people who tell you they can fix your credit for you, are often not credible and can not offer you anything that you can not learn to do for yourself. There is no degree offered from any university for credit counseling or credit repair. There is no such thing as a credit certification. The Truth is that anything they or we can do-- you can do.  

     We offer our credit repair services not because you are not capable of doing what we do, but because, even if you buy the credit repair course, it is possible that you may find that you don't have time or inclination to deal with the steps involved.  Our service is just that.  A Service.  We eliminate the learning curve and tedium that is often involved in the first attempt at credit repair.


     Much like reading, writing, riding a bike or any of a host of other skills... once you are familiar with that skill it becomes as simple as can be and be done almost in your sleep.  However, the first try is not necessarily so simple.  Credit repair is much the same.  Our specialists do this all the time and it is now second nature to them.  If you have the time and inclination to learn and follow the instructions the repair kit gives, then by all means, The Fico Improvement Kit is for you.  If on the other hand, your time is limited, consider our services.

For important links on how and why Credit repair works see below.


NOTE: If, at any time within 60 days of ordering the FICO Improvement Kit, you decide that you would prefer that we do it for you...  We will credit 100% of the cost of the kit towards our FICO Improvement Services.


Our credit repair system teaches everything that we would do. 


The information contained in the Credit Solutions FICO Improvement Repair Course was initially developed in the late 80's and has been upgraded every year since. In 1996, congress after a long battle finally re-wrote the law and provided some powerful new tools for consumers to use for removing negative information from their credit reports on their own legally. The Credit Solutions Repair Course gives you step by step instructions, copies of the relevant laws, sample letters, and detailed information on dealing with collection issues and agents so that you know exactly how to successfully utilize the many tools congress has given you.

     Repairing your credit is made easy with the "Credit Solutions Repair Course". You will have every tool you need to fix and raise your credit score on your own.  Over 50,000 Americans have used these principles to rebuild their financial lives during the past 10 years.   

The Credit Solutions FICO Improvement and Repair Course--Shows you how to:

  • Remove ANY negative information from your credit reports on your own legally! 

  • Stop ANY collection agent from calling and harassing you at home or at work. 

  • Rebuild your credit to a positive standing WITHOUT borrowing more or applying for any loans or credit cards. 
  • Use the law to force the credit bureaus and creditors to comply. 

Start rebuilding your financial life today. Order your copy of the Credit Solutions Repair Course Now! Repairing your credit is easy if you know what your rights are and how to enforce them. Get started today! Once your order is placed through our site, within 24hrs  we then email your course in PDF format. 

Or if you would prefer to let one of our experienced Professionals do it for you, Click Here.


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