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Our goal is to give you the most accurate information available. 

It is with that in mind that I want to make a couple of important points.

If you have debts and collections that are affecting your credit scores and ability to buy a home, a car, get personal loans, etc...  there are really only 3 possible choices...

  • Pay Your Creditors- That, of course, is much easier said than done.

  • Fix Your Credit- We are committed to helping you do just that.  Whether you use our professional services, do it yourself after purchasing our Credit Kit and Manual, or even if you just get it for free.  We are going to help.  But it's important to know that not all debts are created equal.  The older a debt is, the easier it is to get it removed.  The more recent it is, the more difficult.  If the debt is less than a year or so old, the creditor can often pull out the information they need to prove the validity of the debt by just reaching into their desk drawer.  If the debts that are causing you the most problems are new, your best bet may be bankruptcy. 

  • File Bankruptcy  Bankruptcy no longer has the negative stigma that it once did.  And with the credit repair kits that we included with your bankruptcy page, you can find your self credit worthy in no time.  For details of what Bankruptcy can and can't do for you please see Bankruptcy.

  • We do our best to provide you with all viable options.  But remember, do something!  Worst thing you can do is to Do Nothing.  Credit issues do not disappear on their own.  Collections turn into judgments which turn into garnishments from paychecks and confiscation of bank accounts.

  • The quicker you get to work on solving them, the quicker they will no longer be stopping you from buying that car, getting that new home, or that credit card, etc... and remember, if you want to fix your credit on your own, we'll even GIVE you the tools to do so. Click Here.

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Actual Questions and Answers From the Web...

Question 1--Not only do I have bad credit, but I owe a lot of people money, will your Manuals work for me?

Question 2--Will your kit remove credit inquires?

Question 3--Can you do anything about unpaid debt, or should I file bankruptcy?

Question 4--This sounds like a scam, and besides, I thought bad credit stays on your report for 7 years, if it is for real, does it work in all 50 states?

Question 5-- Your kit sounds great, but I am in my 2nd year of chapter 13 Bankruptcy, and I was told by a friend that I could get a new social security number or tax identification number and have NEW Credit, is this possible?

Question 6--What does your kit consist of... like what actually comes with the kit?

Question 7--Is this for real?  How do I know if you are not just some scam artist who doesn't know squat about credit repair?

Question 8--Hi!  I saw your course online, and was wondering if it works with tax liens?

Question 9--I see that you have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, but wouldn't it take longer than 30 days to clean your credit?


Email #1  How can this work for me?  Not only do I have bad credit, I owe everybody and their brother money; Sears, student loan, Columbia Gas, etc., thousands of dollars that I had accumulated over 3 years ago.  

I now have a pretty good job $35-$40 thousand a Year, but I have no idea how to even start paying these bills back.  I thought about going to credit counseling, but I don't want to get locked into something.  My goal is to build a house.  I have the land and the ability to make a house payment, but my credit is so bad that I feel like it will never happen.   I am tired of paying rent for what could be a house payment.  

I was given credit cards with a minimum wage, part-time job as soon as I had enrolled in college.  I thought it was the greatest thing in the world then, but now I am 29 years old, and I realize that these companies are just taking advantage of college students, and really screwing up their future credit.  I would willingly purchase your course or services if you could reassure me that it could help my situation.  

Author's Reply to Email #1  This kit it almost a perfect product for you!  The reason I say this is your situation resembles the situation that I was in when I began repairing my own credit.  I agree, with you about the credit card situation and college.  The very same thing happened to me while I was in college and that is what prompted my career in credit repair!  

One of the first things you need to do is take care of the student loan.  This is a very quick fix and can actually help your credit within 6 months.  You can actually make payments for 6 months and it will be removed from the default status and reported on your credit reports as if you had never missed a payment, perfect status.  This is an incentive from Uncle Sam to encourage defaulted student loan holders to take care of their obligations. 

Second, DO NOT pay anything off just yet, WAIT!  You need to evaluate each and every item to make sure that you will not damage your credit even further by assuming the best thing to do is pay everything off.  Our Course teaches you what to pay and what not to pay and why.  In many cases you can actually damage your situation further by paying-off a creditor.  

There is something referred to as the 7-year cycle.  This is the amount of time that a charged-off or delinquent account can stay on your credit report without any monetary activity.  By just sending in a payment or signing an agreement to pay, you automatically restart the 7-year period from the date that they receive the monies or signed document from you.  You need to get your money together and start playing "lets make a deal" with each and every creditor that you have that is derogatory, but first you need to play the dispute game first.  After all disputing has cleaned up its portion of derogatory items you then start negotiating with creditors.  By doing this you can negotiate all of the negative items off of your credit report, how is this you may ask?  

You have what they want and they have what you want.  Creditors or collection agencies want money and you want a signed letter vowing to remove the negative items from your credit report.  This is how it is done, and it works, cash-money is a very powerful bargaining tool!  If you have the money and your accounts are 3 or more years delinquent, you have an excellent chance for some very quick and most impressive results.  Your type of problems is precisely what the course is designed to solve.     

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Email #2  Will your kit remove credit inquires?  I shopped around for a new car and ended up with a lot of inquires that are now hurting my credit.  
Author's Reply to Email #2  Yes, Inquires can be a real problem for a lot of people.  Funny that you mention car dealerships. We specifically talk about car dealerships and inquiries in the course.  This is how a lot of people can acquire about 8 inquiries in one day. 

The dealerships shop around your credit report, each check with the credit bureaus to see if you qualify for their standards.  Most Inquires stay on your credit report for a period of two years.  The inquiries that break this rule are inquiries by an existing account such as a visa that is simply checking your current credit status to either make sure you are still a good credit risk or to increase  or even decrease your credit limit.  These type of inquiries stay on your credit report for 1 year.  You can get rid of the inquiries three different ways.  The first by disputing the item under the premise that you have no knowledge of the account and it is misreported.  The second by contacting the company that put it on your report and telling them the same thing and that it is effecting your credit report and must be removed immediately.  Have that company fax you something stating that it should be removed.  The third way is to wait until the time period is up and dispute it under the premise that the information is outdated and no longer relevant.  Our course shows you step-by-step how to do this and provides you with samples and examples and the forms to do it all.  It teaches you this and so much more that the credit bureaus wish you didn't know.  Do yourself a favor, order the kit, and get this process going now!  You'll be so glad you did!  


Email #3  Ok you say you can fix bad credit.  But can you do anything about unpaid credit card debt & medical bills.  I am unable to pay the amount of debt I have occurred.  Will your program help me or do I need to file bankruptcy.  
Author's Reply to Email #3  Although, bankruptcy is often the best solution, it should usually be the very last thing you should consider, and YES, our course can help. 

There is a whole section dedicated to debt reduction that details 8 different methods that one can use to reduce debt before doing anything as drastic and detrimental as a bankruptcy.  First of all never run from your problems.  You need to contact every creditor that you have and talk to them.  If you explain your circumstances you will see that they can put you on a plan to help relieve your debt without destroying your credit. 

For instances, a credit card company can suspend all charging privileges on your account, without totally closing it, and put you on a payment plan that will drastically reduce your payments almost by 50%.  It is more advantageous for the medical billing companies and other creditors to work with you on payments to ascertain all of the owed debt than to sell off your account to a collection company for a smaller percentage of the amount owed.  This is not always the case, because some companies would rather sell off your account than deal with all of the hassles of billing, but our course can help you deal with those types of companies as well.  Avoid a bankruptcy if possible and work out the problem, don't run away from it.  If you are willing to conscientiously follow our directions as specified in the course, it will absolutely help you.

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Email #4  This sounds like a scam, and besides I thought bad credit stays on your report for 7 years, if it is for real, does it work in all 50 states?
Author's Reply to Email #4  The credit repair kit is applicable for all 50 states including Guam & Puerto Rico.  The principles have been used effectively by many of our armed forces personnel as far as Japan, China and Germany.  The truth is these principles have helped literally tens of thousands of consumers with their credit dilemmas.  Thanks to the internet we are now getting much more exposure and recognition as a leading resource for all credit matters.  

Everything in the Kits are based on facts, the law, and actual true experiences.  It is 100% legal and parts of the course have actually been contributed by lawyers.  We are not a company that is trying to scam anybody, but rather a company that has found a way to help the consumer by providing legal and effective ways to use the credit laws that were established by the Federal Trade Commission to the consumers best advantage.  The Solutions Network on the needs of the consumer-- not the wants of corporations.  Oh, and one other thing.  Most scams insist on taking your money.  We don't.  To repair your credit it is necessary to have a credit report and monitoring so that you know who and how much you owe.  By just getting your Free Credit Report from us... We will give you the entire ASN Credit Repair Kits, Manual and all sample letters and explanation of your rights... FOR FREE  To get your FREE Kits click here.

How you can receive $1,000 in penalties PAID BY THE CREDITOR... For each and every violation of your rights as a debtor.

Part of the many laws that the government enacted for your protection, the laws that we use and will teach you... actually allow you to exact penalties of up $1,000 per each violation of your rights.  Rights that include the right to be free of harassment in your workplace, phone calls after 8:00 pm and many more!  To get your of our Credit Repair Kit and Manual CLICK HERE!

Remember, Negative marks on your credit report will remain there for 7 years from the date of last activity, and possibly longer, unless you do something about it.  I encourage you to use the laws and the dispute process to remove information on your credit report that you believe may be misleading, questionable, outdated, incorrect, or you believe to be in any way misreported.  I am sure you can find something wrong with a large percentage of the items on all three of your credit reports.  There is almost 99% of the time something questionable about your credit reports.  If senators, NFL football players, and millionaires use laws and principles effectively to remove bad credit items NOW, so can you.  Yes, this course can help you to avoid waiting 7 dreadful years.  

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Email #5  Your course sounds great but I am in my 2nd year of a chapter 13 Bankruptcy and I was told by a friend that I could get a new social security number or tax identification number and have NEW Credit, is this possible?  
Author's Reply to Email #5  Can you do that?  Yes!  Could we do it for you?  Yes!  Will we do it for you?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  First of all getting a second social security number is totally illegal and we highly recommend that you don't involve yourself with anything of that nature.  Many of the individuals selling or claiming they have information of this type are usually just ripping off desperate consumers and if it's done successfully... You can go to prison. 

Those that are actually providing this "service" will go to federal prison when caught.  We don't promote nor do we condone any such process.  On the other hand, the credit repair course has been successfully used to remove even bankruptcies.  You may ask how is this possible and how can it be legal. It is totally legal and performed everyday.  How it is done is by using the credit laws to your advantage. 

You have the legal right to intervene into the processes of the credit bureau at any time to make sure that the personal information that they are selling about you is absolutely 100% correct.  You can challenge almost everything on your credit reports even bankruptcy items and total bankruptcies, legally.  

It is very common for human error to be a factor in a great deal of the items on your credit report.  It is your job as a weary consumer to scrutinize every part of every item for any possible errors and believed errors.  Once you find one or believe you have found one, it is your right within the law to dispute that item and make the credit bureau prove that this item is reported exactly as it states. If for whatever reason, in the case of public record items such as a bankruptcy, they cannot verify the information as being 100% accurate they have to remove the item per your request.  

For example, I once had a client who was refinancing his home.  His credit came up with two separate collections of $5,000 each from one of our nation's largest card lenders.  I knew that it was unlikely that the lender could possibly find any paperwork supporting the item such as a signature on the credit application.  I wrote them on my clients behalf alerting them to the fact that if they can't prove the validity of the item, it could be considered liable, and damages due to higher interest rates charged for the refinanced loan and any other credit difficulties could be $10's of $1,000's of dollars.  The bank new they couldn't find the proof.  Since they knew they couldn't prove it, they realized that they would lose in any court action (Just the cost of the attorneys would be as much as the amount owed). They knew they probably wouldn't get the money anyway.  So they made a sound business decision-- they gave up.  They had the $10,000 taken off the report and my client got his loan!  Anyone with knowledge of their rights and the pertinent laws can do the same!  The Credit Solutions Repair Manual gives you everything you need!

This type of tactic often works because they are understaffed to handle such requests.  Maybe the information has been archived and their computer records are backed up and it requires to much time for them to restore those records.  Whatever the case may be, if they cannot get that information within 30 days, it must come off if you request it.  That is the law!

Just as if you go into a courtroom to fight a speeding ticket and the officer does not show up, the ticket is dismissed and all charges dropped.  Why, because you are innocent until proven guilty, make them prove it or make them remove it.  This is the beauty of living in America; you might as well use your freedoms to your advantage or if you want, you can  just sit back and suffer the consequences, but don't complain because you are the one who chooses to do nothing about it!  

Email #6  What does your course consist of... like what actually comes with the kit?  
Author's Reply to Email #6  First, it provides a very informative book.  A book that reveals the credit repair process step by step, informs you of your rights and teaches how to DO IT!  And it is a great resource not only for Credit Repair, but also for Debt Consolidation, Bankruptcy, and Re-Building your Credit!

It also includes an complete manual that addresses additional issues and updated information, including the text of the crediting reporting act.   

The Book itself is a complete educational resource, and in terms of the value it provides and the money it will save by elimination collections it is worth well over the $49.95 that we sell it for;  this information can truly transform your quality of life... 

We include sample letters to deal with all stages of the credit repair process and even the letter that convinced Citi-bank to forgive over $10,000 dollars of credit card debt... even though the client actually owed it!

We cut strait to the chase and show you how to get results!   Almost every other book on the market simply preaches the law because they are afraid of criticism.  Our goal is simple... help you the consumer solve you credit issues.  Corporations have their attorneys-- You have The Solutions Network.    We hold nothing back and show you how to test the limits of the law.  We don't preach, We teach!  

This course is comprised of years of experience, instructing consumers with step-by-step examples and samples on how to legally and effectively rectify credit dilemmas from all three of their credit reports.  It also teaches consumers different techniques for reducing debt and rebuilding credit, how to stop debt collectors with a single letter, reduce bankcard interest rates in 5 minutes, and every legal credit cleaning technique the credit bureaus wish you did not know. 

Many are still under the impression that if something is placed on their credit that it is forged in time for a period of 7 to 10 years.  Well it is, and in some instances for longer periods of time, unless you do something about it!  Our nation is built on a system of checks and balances and the premise that you are innocent until proven guilty.  The credit bureaus are non-government-affiliated companies selling your personal information for a profit, so make them earn their money!  Laws such as the fair credit reporting act, written by the FTC, states that the individual has the right to intervene into the practices of the credit bureaus to make sure that the information that is being distributed is absolutely 100% accurate or NOT DISTRIBUTED!  Make them do their jobs of verifying the information. 

Whether you purchase our course or have our trained professionals handle it for you, or even get our Credit Kits for free...  The credit reporting agencies and your creditors will be pushed to the limit to support their claims of your credit inadequacies.  By the time we are done-- most of them will simply cry uncle and give up and remove the blemishes!  This is enough improvement of your credit score to make easier to qualify you for that house, credit card, car, etc...

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Email #7  Is This for real?  How do I know if you are not just some scam artist who doesn't know squat about credit repair, and is just after my money?
Author's Reply to Email #7  YES!  THIS IS FOR REAL!  We know that there are a lot of scams out there, and you have to be careful!  That is why we have our phone number on the website, so you can get a hold of us with any questions that you may have.  And again, most scams are after your money... Remember, we'll even send the kits to your for free!  See Free Credit Kit

Furthermore, there is a good chance that you are reading this because of an inability to obtain real estate financing through The Network--  If we can't fix your credit, you can't buy that house and we can't fund your loan.  We have a much larger stake in your credit rehabilitation than the sale of an inexpensive course.  Our network relies substantially on word of mouth reputation and referrals.  If we don't deliver a quality product or exemplary service, the reputation of the entire network suffers.  We can't afford to provide anything other than what we promise! 

This course contains the most effective methods for resolving credit issues, and is outlined with easy to use step by step instructions.   You can't go wrong with this product, we stand behind it, and with a 30 day money back guarantee, what have you got to lose?

Email #8  Hi!  I saw your kit online, and was wondering if it works with tax liens?
Author's Reply Email #8  Yes this kit may help you help you with tax liens, but Uncle Sam can come after you in a lot of different ways. 

You may be able to get the tax lien from being reflected on your credit report, but it does not relieve you from the obligation.  I have helped people remove these public record items by using the dispute process, but at the same time I have seen the government go after these people in numerous ways such as intercepting their tax returns, garnishing wages, and seizing property and bank accounts. 

Uncle Sam can be easy to work with and can be accommodating if you contact the IRS by phone to workout a deal.  Just remember to limit the information that you give to them and be as nice as you can be, and you will greatly enhance your chances at working out a deal.  These strategies and more are detailed step-by-step in your course.

NOTE: In many cases back taxes are dischargeable in bankruptcy.  In other words.  You don't just pull it off of your credit, you just don't owe it anymore!

For Details of what bankruptcy can and can't do for you  please see these articles.

Free Bankruptcy Help

Free Bankruptcy Forms

Frequently asked Bankruptcy Questions FAQs

Bankruptcy Mistakes to Avoid

These techniques ABSOLUTELY WORK.  They are the very same techniques that we will use if you enlist our services to handle this for you.  But they can't work if not put to use.  You have to open it up and use it's simple step-by-step methods.  That is why we give you the option of enlisting our experienced repairers.  They won't do anything for you that you can't do yourself.  But too many people purchase the course, leave it on the shelf, accomplish nothing and two years later are in the same or worse predicament.  We don't want that to happen to you.  We want you to be able to buy that home!  

Whether you invest in the course and do it yourself enlist the aid of our staff or even get it for FREE-- Just do yourself the favor of doing something!  These techniques will absolutely work for you--  but only if put to use. 



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