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Keeping Your Home Does Not Have to Be a Struggle!

We can reduce your payments and loan balance.

Millions of Families struggle every day to keep their family homes... You don't have to be one of them.

A Tragic Fact! There are scores of programs to save the family home, lower payments, wipe out tens of thousands of dollars on mortgages mortgages... What's the Tragedy?

75% continue to struggle and lose their family homes... ONLY because they don't know there is help!

There is almost always a solution.  ASN has a 97% success rate in lowering payments and mortgages balances!

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S. Camden wrote

Hi Bruce,

I am so excited about my website.  When I first got in I didn't do anything with it.  Then about a week ago I started reading through the site and what I read "lit a fire" under me.


I started advertising it and doing what you told me to do in the Fast Start Section .....and before I knew it I had 5 stores given away and then there were 11 more that my downline had given away!!!



Fund Raising Assistance

Are you... or do you know of a School, Church or other worthy organization that is need of new sources of Revenue?  Click Here to see how we can help.



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Hi Bruce...

Thanks again for everything...My first 45 days in business you have paid me over $500, Plus, Infinity Bonus payments still to come.  AllSolutions Rocks!


Kimberly R writes

Your help has saved my life!  The weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

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K Boyer,  of Nebraska

Man I am so excited at this moment. I couldn't hardly believe my eyes when I saw your email that I have earned a Quick Start Bonus


No Credit Check Personal Loans


Michael M Writes:

Hey Bruce this site is really cool Ive already called all my family
I'm so glad i found your company its awesome
your the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for setting up this site

J. Nagy of Florida

You don't know how many other companies I have tried before without success. Usually all I did was LOSE money. Now Thanks to your company I finally did it!



How to Improve Your Credit

Learn to add 200 points to your credit score, within 45 days.  Clean your Credit, get any loan... Absolutely FREE!


G. Prancer writes

I have tried for 2 years to make money on the internet with no success....spent plenty of money trying, but never made any money back.


I am now qualified for 3 different checks from you according to my calculations and now there is a "Bonfire Burning"


Thank you for introducing this site to us!!!


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I want to commend you on a  website that  is the very best  i've seen online.  It is CHOCKED FULL of  many opportunities for anyone that is looking for a website that will fit  everyone's needs.


Incredible Marketing Tools

A huge array of incredible technologies that are guaranteed to enhance any business.

Free Search Engine Submission

Free links to all major search engines and directories.


Free Repo Lists

Always Free lists of Foreclosures, HUD homes, Bank Repos, VA foreclosures, IRS Seizures, etc...

Profit Sharing Group Bonuses Big Commissions $5,000 Training Bonuses Marketing Methods Viral Marketing Incredible Marketing Tools

Realize, you don't just earn commissions from a wide range of products and services, You also earn monthly profit sharing bonuses, even if your site never sold a product or service.  Earning, simple as getting a FREE Quote or trial!  How Profit Sharing Works



To make marketing and understanding what and how you earn, on each BANNER PAGE LINK below we provide not only

  • BANNERS- Instructions and codes for the placing of banners into the various advertising media that allow them. 

  • Social Sharing- We also provide pre-coded links and sample ads for viral social sharing.  It has been made so simple that all you need do is

    • Copy the Sample ads and the pre-coded links to the subject services shown below. Each is already coded to your personal service page for credit).

    • Next, Click on the social sharing links below the links.

    • Then paste the ad and link into the facebook, google+, etc posting section.  Do that and you've just placed a free ad that can pay you big!   Go to 1  and 4 minute mark of this video to see how simple and profitable Viral Marketing really is!

  • Earnings- We also show how much and the various ways each service actually pays you per order or as monthly residual income.

  • Cross Marketing-  We show how we maximize your income with Automated Cross Marketing
    ASN is structured to promote related services that are often needed based on the original service query.  i.e. home purchases often need credit repair, credit reports or mortgage reduction, etc...  (all pay you).  Consequently, any service you promote, automatically provides many additional ways we can help your visitors solve their issues and that always helps to maximize your income.   See Details


Before focusing on the use of banners, we want to take a moment to show how ridiculously simple our Viral Marketing System is!


We've combined banners with a viral marketing program that makes growing your business the essence of simplicity.

For example... 

 click the social network of your choice.






Now, just copy the following message and link, then paste it into your facebook, linkedin or Google+ page right now.  Nothing could be easier.  Do this consistently and see what happens!

Also see exactly how to use Viral Marketing and Social Networks to earn from your many services.

 Click Here.  also see Viral Marketing Video

Also see Scores of Additional Marketing Tools and Methods

  Click Here


The vast majority of Americans miss out on legal deductions and write offs that could save them hundreds or even thousands in tax liability!  See simple and free ways to reduce your taxes and/or get bigger refunds.[PERSONALID]/taxes.htm 

You just used viral marketing to place an ad that pays you 10% of the fees plus, pays earns points, while at the same time guaranteeing that you save your customers a huge amount in tax liabilities!



NOW... earn $300 to $500 per sale by helping save homes!

Place the below ad and link into google+ or facebook or all!




You Don't Have to Lose Your Home!

You Don't Have to be Burdened with Exorbitant House Payments!

You Don't Have to Be Stuck With High Interest Rates

If you owe too much, are paying too much, we can help.[PERSONALID]/Mortgage_Reduction.htm

You just used viral marketing to advertise a needed service that pays you from $300 to $500 plus qualifies you for our many profit sharing bonuses.

The fact is, earning with ASN is simple... just use the system!


See more about Viral Marketing

Click here to see exactly how to use Viral Marketing and Social Networks to earn from your many services.

 Click Here.  also see Viral Marketing Video


Also see Scores of Additional Marketing Tools and Methods

  Click Here



Below, we will provide links to that various pages that contain current specific banners for our many services

There are 3 separate methods for placing banners into the various advertising sources that you might choose.  Which method you need to use depends on the requirements of the advertising source that you are going with, i.e. facebook, google+, classifieds, safelists, etc...

  • First This is the most common banner posting method required by advertising sources-

    • Most advertising sources simply ask you for the "html code"  Each coding method is included for each banner in the banner section of each service to the right.

      • Just copy and paste the entire html code into the advertising source.  That's what the following is. Just copy the entire code and your banner that is already coded to you appears in the advertising source.

    Each of the below codes and methods are for this banner.



    <a href="[PERSONALID]/Mortgage_Reduction.htm">
    <img border="0" src="" width="166" height="170"></a>


  • Second- Some advertising sources will require you to insert the target URL and target Banner separately.  For each banner, we have separated the target URL and the target banner to make it easy.

    • Example: let's say you want to use banner we showed above... the portions that bolded and blue are the target URL and target Banner


If the advertising source asks for the target URL and Banner, separately...

        Your Target URL you enter is...

<a href="">

Your Target Banner is

<img border="0" src="" width="166" height="170"></a>

  • Third- Some advertising sources allow you to simply Copy the banner and paste it into the appropriate section.

    • All you need do is COPY the entire banner you wish to use.  Do this and the coding that directs clicks to your specific ASN Sponsoring or Service page will be included within your clip board. 

    • Then just "PASTE" it into the web page, advertising site or blog of your choice.  (Note: not all advertising sources will accept html or banners, i.e. craig's list will not, face book will.  If the banner is not the right size for where you want to place it, once pasted, you can usually "click on it", select a corner and change the size to fit.




Each below banner page also provides an explanation of HOW MUCH each service pays you and HOW AND WHY they automatically pay you more by cross selling to generate more sales and points with related services.

Sharing Banners. 

Earn $50, $500, $5,000 or more monthly residual income for sharing the opportunity to earn for free.


Promotional Gifts Program Banners Use consistently to earn guaranteed monthly Profit Sharing Bonuses for just giving away gifts!


No Down Home Purchases

Earn from $300 to $1,500 per closed loan and more!


Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Everything dealing with real estate, from buying, selling, repairing, purchasing with no down and bad credit, to getting low cost repairs and where to find always free Foreclosure lists.  If it deals with homes, it's here... and they all pay you!



Comprehensive Asset Protection

An array of services designed to protect assets from probate, suites and excess taxation that pay pay from $20 to $300.  It is not yet completed.



Virtually everyone drives or needs various types of insurance.  The companies we use almost always result in substantial savings.  It's not unusual to get savings of hundreds per month or a thousand or more per year!   You earn anywhere from 3 to 4 points for every visitor who gets a no obligation free quote.  Remember, you are paid, even if they don't buy the policy. 

     Use banners and viral marketing and just one or two free quotes every couple of days earns you over 100 points for, at least, $100 to $500 or more...  every month!



Provides Low Cost nationwide divorce services plus Free Child Support Calculators.  The unfortunate break up of marriage causes many issues over and above divorce, Itself.  It often leads to an immediate need for loans, mortgage reduction, bankruptcy, credit assistance...  Your divorce page offers and pays you for all of them.  Anyone considering divorce needs this page.


Hosting Banners

How to creates a guaranteed residual income of hundreds and more every month.


ASN Favorites-  

Has you earning from almost everything that ASN offers!  We've Synthesized most merchandise and service links into one page.  High paying services on top so they will be the first to be seen.  Realize, at any particular moment, 90% of all people are in need of, at least, one of these services.  You provide the best service at the lowest cost and best of all... you get paid!


Tax Banners 

Earn by helping people reduce their tax burden and increase refunds.


Mortgage Reduction Banners

Earn from $300 to $500 for helping families save their homes.


Bankruptcy Banners

Earn by helping others eliminate debt, stop garnishments, and become debt free.


Keep Smoking Stop Dying Banners Make money by literally saving lives.


Credit Repair Banners

Earn by giving away the most comprehensive credit manuals in existence.


Loan Banners

Earn by providing Personal loans, business loans and guaranteed credit cards.


Earn $20 Banners

Earn $20 by giving away $20... over and over!


Comprehensive Legal and Financial Banners

One of our most profitable pages... lets you earn from a diverse range of services.




More banners and services constantly being added.





With ASN, You Earn From EVERYTHING!

Below are some of our most needed and profitable Services.

For Commission Amounts

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