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Whatever the issue-- We have the solution... Free information and services on  a wide range of issues... Health, Finance, More Income, Legal, Real Estate, Family Support, Credit, Bankruptcy etc...  We provide effective, low cost, even free solutions to today's pressing issues, Plus-- a unique business opportunity that allows you to earn from each and every product or service that we provide!

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Earn Big Commissions and Big Points by Providing Needed Services

They're Here!  ASN Global Services!

It's been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait!  ASN Global Services!  World Wide Services we use every day... month after month, year after year... i.e. Phones, DSL, Dish, Gas, Electricity and more... You're already paying for them... why not let them pay you!!!  Click Here!



Links for overview of marketing methods, services and how much you earn for some of the various services you provide. 

Remember, our motto:  "A service the public can't afford, is no service at all!"         Top

    We pride ourselves on providing quality services that not only solve problems, but can be afforded by those who need them. 

   Countless times, we've heard from clients, "If I had $3,000 to pay the attorney, I wouldn't have file bankruptcy!"   With ASN, they don't need $3,000 or $2,000 or even $500.  When you offer ASN services, rest assured your customers are getting premium service at fees they can afford.  And as always, you get paid.  

  • ASN Hosting-

  • ASN Financial Services-  a page that consolidates some of our most profitable services.  Virtually everyone, needs, at least, something that this page contains.  Up to $1,500 per action!

  • Mortgage Reduction- Get paid for saving homes.  Millions are facing foreclosure.  We help  them for a fraction of the cost of other companies.  $300 $500 per sale.

  • Home Purchases- We can help anyone buy; even if they have no job and no credit... Get paid for helping achieve the American Dream.  Varies

  • Share, Inform, and Inspire- We've all seen the joke or article that was posted to Facebook, Google+, Youtube, and went viral to spread like wild fire and garnered hundreds of thousands or even Millions of views...   Views equal exposure and exposure equals income!  With ASN, you can now use that same viral mechanism to explode your ASN business and income.

  • Credit Repair Service- Let our professionals repair their credit.  We do the work, you get paid.  $30 commission and $20 points.

  • Credit Repair Kit Paid Kit-  We provide the most comprehensive credit manuals in existence.  You learn everything you need, on how to fix your credit and even how to extract thousands of dollars from unscrupulous bill collectors.  Yes, they can be fined up to $1,000 per violation and it goes to you... and they ALL violate the law... they just rely on the fact that you, the public, doesn't know their rights.  We teach you your rights and we teach you how to do, exactly what our professionals do.  Actually, we don't do anything that you can't do... we just do it quicker,  and eliminate any learning curve.  If the kit is "purchased" you earn, $10 and 10 points

  • Credit Repair Kit Free Kit- It is exactly the same as the paid kit.  The only difference, is instead of paying it, we require that they get a free credit report from one of our partners.  see  Free Credit Report. . To repair credit, a report is an absolute necessity.  Even though they don't pay a dime... you still earn!  8 points

  • Bankruptcy Services- Instead of the minimum of about $1,200 to $3,000 or more charged by others, our fees are only $595$30 to $65 commissions and $20 points per service.

  • Tax Services-  Our goal is to maximize refunds and minimize liability.  If you or someone you know, has current or tax issues, send them this link.   See the true story of how a small $60 refund, turned into thousands!  I truly believe, no one is better at what we do. 10% of fees and 5%  of points

  • Vacations and Gifts-  One of our unique programs actually lets you earn for simply providing vacation vouchers, MP4 players, and many other items away.  Huge Potential!  You don't earn when they "get" the gift, you earn the appropriate points when they qualify for the it by getting a free quote, trial or make a purchase of any kind.  You earn the points whether they actually request the gift or not.

  • Personal Loans with No Credit Check- Points vary from 8 to 15

  • Help Charities- ASN lets you assist charities to continue and expand their good works.  It can dramatically increase their revenues... and it also creates a month in month out income for you.  15% of the retail value and normal point value from the action.

  • How Some Members Shop for Free-  By simply consistently using the site for personal use, you will always get paid, and often you earn so much from the Profit sharing and merchandise commissions (see how profit sharing is calculated), it's like shopping for free.  see how

  • Earn by Saving Lives- Eliminate the most common cause of cancer and get paid for it!  10% to 20% commissions and 3 points per each $10 retail

  • Biological Fountain of Youth-  Everything from the newest nutritional discoveries to prescription Meds without the prescription.  We show how to Grow Young You earn the referenced point value for specified products.

All you have to do?

Copy and paste the links (we provide sample ad copy for links) or banners that you see, to the right of the described service.  They are already pre-made to point to YOUR service page, so you automatically get credit. i.e. you earn from Personal loans, Credit repair, Bankruptcy, Hosting, Merchandise purchases, etc...


Do you need any of the many services, ASN provides?  You even earn points and commissions if the service is for you!


Where to advertise?

We encourage members to be creative and develop their own effective advertising sources, but  provide you with many free advertising resources, here are but a few...

 AdlandPro Worlds Classifieds
Get Linked from 108,000+ sites with one click.
 Traffic Exchange with 700,000+ members

 Get Linked from thousands of Classifieds for FREE with one click.


The Solutions Network gives you more ways to make money than any company available, anywhere.  The focus of this page is to give you ideas on how you can market and advertise your many services.  Doing so, not only will earn you immediate commissions, but a good many of the people that visit your site, will want to take advantage of the opportunity to go into business for themselves.  Consequently, by advertising your services, you not only be earning immediate commissions, you will also consistently be building your downline organization.  Below are some of the many Products and Services you offer. 

(New Products, Services, and Affiliates are  Constantly Being Added)

Click Here for Banners to Promote Your Business and Services

You can now earn money, even for just giving away services such as

Free Credit Repair Courses, Free Medical Cards, etc...  The more you Give the More You Earn. 

please see... Free Vacation Certificates.

  • Remember, marketing products products and services does much more than just earn you sales commissions: 

    • It builds your downline

    • Generates points that GUARANTEE you profit sharing bonuses

    • It increases your overall business volume overrides

    • Adds income to the Infinity Fund, Profit Sharing Bonus Pools (increasing each share)

    • Please see  the Infinity Funds...

    • All of this increases your income... with No Investment Ever!

    The ASN system works synergistically so that additional income generated from one area, actually increases the income of others.  There has never been anything quite like ASN.

Be like WalMart... Become your own World Wide Super Store!  Click Here to See How

  • When you promote high paying legal and financial services (or almost any other service), you earn more than WEEKLY Commissions of up to $1,500 for each paid service from helping to lower people's taxes, save their homes, eliminate their debts, protect their assets, improve their credit, etc...  (see how and what each pays you), We also maximize your income through highly specialized  integrated Automatic Cross Marketing Techniques...

    • ASN maximizes your return on marketing efforts by including related and often needed services into your promoted pages.  In other words we automatically insure that by promoting one needed service, you simultaneously promote related services that their original query indicates is probably also needed .  The result is that with every service you promote, you concurrently provide solutions to issues they almost certainly need to address and may not even know exist!  In other words, we automatically provide additional ways to affordably and effectively solve their problems, while at the same time maximizing your earnings. 

      • FOR EXAMPLE...
        Those who need assistance because they've been paying too much in taxes, often don't realize that back taxes are often dischargeable in bankruptcySo you are, not only paid for the new tax services, but  for the bankruptcy they may need.

      • When you promote the FREE credit restoration system, you always earn earn, at least, 2 Profit Sharing Bonuses, when they request the free credit report that's needed.   

        • Plus, often they decide they need the professional service.  So you then also are paid a commission of $30 and earn another 20 points for profit sharing!  Profit Sharing Point Thresholds 

        • Often it is realized that due to their specific circumstances credit repair, will not achieve their long term objectives.  Consequently, their best alternative may be to get a clean slate and start over with a bankruptcy.  If that's the case, our network always  provides the best service at the lowest cost.  And, of course, you are paid...  Your commission is $30 plus another 20 points that increases the number of profit sharing bonuses you are paid.

      • When you promote home purchases, upon completion of the short form, they are automatically directed to this landing page. Again, we incorporate a number of Cross Marketing options.  Consequently, you often earn even if they don't get a loan.

        • The first step of the purchase process is they get a free credit report.  That earns you 8 points

        ·  If they have credit issues, we give them at no cost our premier credit repair manuals (usually $49.95).  If their issues are significant and they need to order our professional credit services, which happens very often, you more commissions and points.

        ·   Sometimes credit position is such that their very best option is to get out from all existing debt and start over with bankruptcy.  That also pays you.

        ·   MORTGAGE REDUCTION- Did they contact us to refinance their home because they are facing possible foreclosure due to being behind in payments or want a refinance to lower their current payments?  Unfortunately, often and for many varied reasons, a full blown refinance is simply impossible.  BUT YOU CAN STILL HELP! They don't have to lose their home and you don't have to lose your commission...   Even if they are currently in foreclosure, ASN's Mortgage Reduction service can usually, delay the foreclosure for, at least, 2 to 3 months while in process, save their home, place all back payments on the end of the loan... and finally make their home affordable by lowering their payments by $500, $1,000 and $1,500 a month and more.  And you are paid from $300 to $500 plus, another 40 points just because your site referred them!  With ASN, it's a fact... the more you help... the more you earn!

        ASN's automatic Cross Marketing is just one of the countless ways ASN makes certain that anyone who follows and promotes the system is guaranteed to earn and grow... and the more of the system that's implemented, the more you earn.  See your 6 Success Pillars

        Consider what happens to your income when your downline reaches 1,000... and that can easily be done within a few months...    Imagine a thousand people who now have an extra income that without you wouldn't exist!  All because you gave them an  opportunity to earn with ZERO investment... People all over the world,  all earning for free, and you earning every time they do!...   Working for themselves, earning their own commissions, building their own organizations, moving towards their own dreams, improving their own lives... and improving yours by doing it.


        Their lives become better because you shared... and because you shared, your life becomes better!

        Remember, with ASN, you can get everything in life you want... if you help enough other people get what they want.

  • ASN really does work lightening fast, if it's worked.

    Here's proof of how well our Auto Growth system works ...   Click here 



Shorten Your Links

Also, you may want to consider getting a shortened URL for your promotional link... You can use the companies below to turn this...

into this...



Why do we suggest that you get a tinyurl?

Because search engines and advertising sites are not as smart as you might think.  When an effective but free site such as sees hundreds of ads pointing to a specific domain, i.e. ASN, it often thinks it is being spammed and will sometimes automatically kick out any ads from that Domain.  Getting something like a tinyurl avoids this problem.  If you want to market with TWITTER this is how to do it.


Marketing with Twitter...

You can use the same type of actions with Twitter for marketing.  However, to do so, you must turn your URLs into "shortened" links.

see how to use tiny urls.


Below are a few companies that can do this for you... All Are free. 

Can view stats online

Getting a tiny url is simple!  

Just click on the link to the service or page you want to promote.  Then copy and paste the URL From your browser's address bar.  Then click on the URL service you prefer, then follow their simple instruction.

Google Shortener

Provides online stats

also has tracking

See below for explanations of Products, Services, Sample Ads and Clickable links that are already coded to you for automatic credit!

What you Earn

Your Link and Banner to Product

To insure that you receive proper credit, these links and banners are already coded to your site.

ASN Hosting Services-                                        Back to Top


ASN hosting is fast becoming one of  the potential to become one of the most profitable aspects of the ASN system.  Why? 

Think about it... what is the ONE thing that every one in any business needs?  A Website! You can give them the best value on the net and you earn every single month it is in force by doing it!...  Even if the service is for you!


What makes ASN Hosting so special?  Not only is it the best value on the net...

It provides unique services that can be found nowhere else!

Free Gifts to Your Customers            Incredible Software 

and much, much more!

See unique benefits and options of ASN Hosting.  click here.


Here's the beauty of this incredible program:

Every time a hosting service is bought, you don't just earn a check... You get a monthly raise! Unlike other companies that pay you a one time "finder's fee"... 

ASN pays you month after month as long as the service is in effect!  Every sale made, INCREASES your monthly residual income!

$500 or more monthly residual income!

Just place a few free ads promoting the world's premiere hosting service and your monthly income explodes... every month! (we provide sample ad copy, banner and social sharing links to the right),

See how to earn residuals of $500 or more a month...

See These Free Marketing and Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites


What makes ASN Hosting so special?  Not only is it the best value on the net...

It provides unique services that can be found nowhere else!

Free Gifts to Your Customers            Incredible Software 

and much, much more!

See additional  unique benefits and options of ASN Hosting.  click here.

Example of how it pays you:

Assume your site sells one Eagle Plus package,  see Stand Alone Hosting you didn't just earn 20 points.  You actually locked in a monthly residual income of 20 points, per month!... Just that 20 points pays you every month, at least...

  * Multiple levels of Guaranteed Profit Sharing Infinity Fund Bonuses,

  * Plus, 10 levels of Group Bonuses on all downline activities.

  * and makes you eligible for all Mentor Bonuses,

  * Eligibility for Training Bonuses up to $5,000 monthly!

  *You are paid all of this month after month! 

What happens when you sell another package?  You just locked in another 20 points per month that pays you even more bonuses and again, increases your residual monthly income! 


What happens when your site sells 5 Eagle Plus packages...

You didn't JUST earn 100 points points for that month....

You didn't JUST guarantee you'll be paid all of this...

  • The Intro Bonus

  • The Fast Start Bonus

  • The Eagle Bonus

  • The Bronze Bonus

  • The Silver Bonus

  • The Gold Bonus

  • The Platinum Bonus

  • ALL Earned Mentor Bonuses

  • A Full 10 Levels of commission overrides on every quote, trial, purchase or sale of any product or service (including hosting services), made by any member or visitor to any site in your downline!... You accomplished much more than that...

Remember, you didn't just get a big check...

You just created a substantial monthly residual income for as long as the services are active!


What if your site sells even more?...  You Earn More!

When sales of your hosting services exceed 100 points, we then pay you 15% commissions on all hosting points over 100.

Example of Earning:

Assume your site sells 10 eagle plus packages (each earns 20 points).

10 times 20 points each, equals 200 points.

For your first 100 points you earn, at least, $100 to $500 per month in profit sharing infinity bonuses, plus Group Bonus overrides.

PLUS, you also earn 15% of all points in excess of 100.  In this case you would also earn 15% of that additional 100 points.

There is no limit on the number of points you can earn

or the amount of residual income we pay.

The ASN Hosting Program is Truly Unlimited!



It Doesn't Get Easier

Anyone needing hosting, really should choose your service. No service is better, that's a fact... anyone already hosting a domain, should and can easily switch.  That means guaranteed income for you!

Think about it!  Every business and virtually every person will soon have their own site.  This is the direction of our society and economy. This is your chance to cash in on the future!  This is your chance to create a huge, secure, consistent, month in, month out residual income! 


We give you the tools

We give you the products

We give you the opportunity

All you or any member has to do... is use them!

Contact your downline members, RIGHT NOW!...  Let them know this is available! 

It's not just a great opportunity for you... It's the same, great opportunity for them!

And remember, the more they earn, the more you earn... 

Not only, will they be able to create their own substantial monthly residual incomes...

Their residual incomes increase yours!

* Hosting packages, sold to the public, earn points at the stated value per package, up to a maximum of 20 points per package.  i.e. for purposes of calculating points earned on packages sold, both the Eagle plus and Gold package earn 20 points. 

What Do

You Earn?


Generally, you earn the monthly point value of each subject package, each month for as long as the service is in effect.


This guarantees you are paid profit sharing infinity bonuses, commission overrides on your downline and all Mentor Bonuses, every month! 



See These Free Marketing and Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites






The below link and banner are already coded to you.

ASN Hosting



These simple ads create curiosity and can be placed almost anywhere.  At the end of the sample ad copy we have even provide social sharing links already coded to your hosting page Facebook and, (linked in is probably a great source because it is so business oriented). 


You can start making more money, right now!  Start placing these ads, or the above banner, sharing on facebook, or other social networks or anywhere you that makes sense.  Start building your residual income right now! 



The links in these ads are already coded to you.  However, some sources don't read the embedded links when you paste it.  If that happens, you will also need to include that actual URL in your ad.  We have included your personal URL below each ad just in case you need it. 


Sample Ad:

Have a website?  You are using the wrong one!  click here to see why![PERSONALID]/asnhostingsites.htm


Sample Ad:

If you are not using ASN Hosting, you are losing money!  click here to see why![PERSONALID]/asnhostingsites.htm



Sample Ad:

Does your Hosting Service GUARANTEE to increase your sales?  Your Business?  Ours does!... and we do it for FREE!  See How!  click here[PERSONALID]/asnhostingsites.htm


Hosting services that support you, train you, promotes you and even pays you![PERSONALID]/asnhostingsites.htm


NEW! ASN Financial Services                               Back to Top

(Comprehensive Financial Page) Commissions from $10 to $1,500 or more from the various services on your site!

The most profitable page on your site.  It combines Most of the big ticket financial services that we offer onto one page.  At any particular moment, almost 50% of Americans need, at least, one of these services.  Taxes, Bankruptcy, Free Credit Repair, Mortgage Negotiation, No Down Home Purchases, etc... Plus, many related Free Products and service, that also earn money for you. 


You earn from everything on the page and even if the visitors do no nothing but take advantage of it's free offers... you still earn!  Promote this page and you WILL make money. 


Sample Ads    

Because this page provides so many services, there are hundreds of ways that it can be promoted.  Following is one example.


Comprehensive Financial Services... Do you need help with taxes? Mortgage Problems, Debt Elimination? Need a No Credit Check Loan?  Take advantage of ANY of our many services... EVEN the FREE ONES!  and we give you FREE Medical, Restaurant and Vacation Certificates.

 (No time share presentation required).  If you have an issue, we have a solution!  See Financial Services.


You earn the points and commissions that are allotted for the particular service they choose...

i.e. anywhere from about $10 and 8 points for a credit repair kit to $500 to $1,500 and 40 points for a funded home loan, etc... 



See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites


Comprehensive Financial Services




Sends Visitors to this page.

Sends Visitors to this page.

Same banner as above, but directs to a different page.


NEW! Home Mortgage Reduction and Debt Negotiation.                 Back to Top

$300 to $500 Commission paid weekly and 30 points

In today's economy, a vast segment of the population has a desperate need for help in saving their home. People are behind on payments, or they owe more than the home is worth, or they are current-- but KNOW that the payment is about to increase so that they can no longer afford it.  People want to keep their family home and you can help them.  The combination of credit, financial, bankruptcy, real estate and negotiation services that we provide, creates a synergy of professions that makes us uniquely qualified to solve almost any real estate related problem.   There is no such thing as a "one size fits all mortgage solution".  Each mortgage situation is unique and requires it's own personalized strategy.  Our diversity assures that we can provide an effective solution that will address their needs.  Our Fees Are About One Half of Normal.

A Solution that the public can't afford, is no Solution

In Keeping with our commitment to provide true solutions, we make our service totally affordable.  Most companies charge $3,000 or more with $1,500 up front.  Our total fees are about $1,500 and we will begin the process for only $400 and charge the remaining balance in 2 additional payments of $550 each. And you earn $300; $100 from each payment received.


Sample Ad--

If you or someone you know is in danger of losing their home ANY of the following reasons... the payments are too high, the balance is too high, payments are behind, property is in foreclosure, etc... and if they would like to lower the payments, lower the balance, stop foreclosure or even live rent free for up to 1 year or more from the first missed payment, and then get paid if and when you actually DO move, then contact the Mortgage Negotiation and Foreclosure Specialists.  We can do or prevent all of this and more... and we can do it for a fraction of the cost of other companies.  For more information and assistance please see 

Mortgage Relief


$ 300 to $500 total

$ 100

Per each received Payment.


Plus, 20 points



See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites


Mortgage Relief


HOME LOANS                                                                                                                  Back to Top

Commissions from $500 to $1,500 or more and 100 points.

Any home loan that is funded by us that originated from your site pays you 10% of the Gross Payable loan fees,  This usually equates to about $300 to $1500 to you per closed loan.  Keep in mind that with the current market, fewer loans get done, but we still can do things that other companies simply can't do. And we absolutely can still show them how to get into a home with absolutely no down.  But even if we can't close the loan  You Still Make Money, the landing page asks them to get a free credit report-- this actually eliminates the drop in scores caused when a lender pulls their credit.  When the consumer pulls their own report, it does not.  When they get the free credit report the site you provide, you earn 8 points.


We have many members that earn 50 or more points every month, in addition to to the commissions they earn ($500 to $1,500 or more), by simply  placing free home loan ads.  see free advertising.


50 points earns the following Infinity Fund Bonuses the Fast Start Bonus, Eagle Bonus, Bronze Bonus, Silver Bonus, all mentor points and 10 levels of downline!


Home Purchase Ads Earn in Many Ways

  • When a loan closes, you earn $500 to $1,500 or more PLUS, 100 points. 

  • If we can't do the loan, we still show them how they can buy with nothing down, (no matter how bad the credit), using our creative financing methods.  If they use the assistance of ASN for the paper work, you still earn about $300.

  • Whether or not they get a loan or buy a house, if the prospect gets our Free Credit Report, (which is needed to make a loan determination), you earn 8 points.  A high percentage of prospects will get the free report.  So, consistent free advertising (try all geographic areas of Craig's list, amongst others) and you will be consistantly...

    • Closing loans and earning commissions.

    • Earn points for bigger infinity bonus payments.

      • Consistent FREE advertising will earn you over $200 per month, plus commissions from closed loans, plus each month you will earn the Fast Start, Eagle, Bronze, Silver, Gold, AND Platinum Infinity Bonuses.  Advertise for loans!

  • If they have terrible credit and want to do something about it?


 Many will find that they have credit issues and need to do something about.

  • If they order credit repair service, you earn $30 and 20 points.

  • If they want do it on their own and purchase comprehensive credit repair kits that teach them to do EXACTLY what our professionals would so...  you earn $10 and 5 points.

  • If they want the Credit Courses for FREE?  All they have to do is get a free credit report from your site, and You earn 8 points so you earn the the Fast Start Bonus and 6 levels on your downline. Please see  the Infinity Funds

  • If because of massive credit issues, (they can still buy with our creative financing course) they want a fresh start and file bankruptcy, you earn $30 and 20 points for the bankruptcy and $300 if they ask for ASN's assistance in purchasing a home with, no down, even with horrible credit and even no job..

As you can see, one of the most profitable things that you can do is to advertise your home loan services.

If they get the loan, you make money.

If they don't get the loan but buy through the creative financing services, you make money.

If they can't get a loan, it's almost always due to credit issues. 

        If they have credit issues, we have solutions that help them and always make you money.


Consistently advertise your loan services and you will always earn money.


Sample ad-- No matter what you've heard, you can still buy a home with no money down, and you can do it regardless of your credit or your income situation.  For more information and assistance please see No Down Home Loans

$300 to $1,500

per funded loan.

40 points



See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites


No Down Home Purchases




Credit Repair Service--                                                                            Back to Top

Our credit service is about half the cost of other companies and we historically have great success in improving scores from 50 to as much as 200 points.


Sample ad-- Don't let bad credit affect your life.  Improve your score by as much 200 points with 45 days!  Click here to see how!  For more information and assistance please see  Credit Repair Service

$30 and

15 points


See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites


Credit Repair Service


Paid Credit Repair Kit-- Teaches how to do everything our Professionals would do.                 Back to Top


Sample ad-- Learn to remove collections, lates, improve your credit score by 200 points.  We teach you the secrets of the credit repair pros... for a fraction of the cost-- Credit Repair Kit

$10 and

8 points


See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites


Credit Repair Kit




FREE Credit Repair Kit--                                                                                                 Back to Top

Teaches how to do everything our Professionals would do-- For FREE.  And, many times the client realizes that they would prefer a professional to take it over.  So you then earn for Repair Services.


Sample ad-- FREE CREDIT REPAIR SECRETS!  Learn to remove collections, lates, improve your credit score by 200 points.  We teach you the secrets of the credit repair pros... for ABSOLUTELY FREE-- To get your FREE Credit Repair Manuals Click Here! Free Credit Repair Manuals



How does this work?  It's impossible to monitor and fix your credit without having a copy of your report.  We provide them with a link to a FREE CREDIT REPORT which again is absolutely essential to fixing their report.  All they do is get the free credit report from our link, and then we send them two of the most comprehensive credit repair manuals in existence.  And you earn 8 points for giving it away.

Remember, when you earn 8 points, you earn the Fast Start bonus, 3 levels of downline and qualify for all mentor bonuses and points.  see Mentor bonuses.


8 points per



See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites



Free Credit Repair Manuals





Bankruptcy Services--                                            Back to Top

Commissions $30 and 15 points.

Instead of the normal $1,200 to $3,000 or more in fees, ASN prepares Bankruptcies in all 50 states, at prices dramatically lower than any attorney and even breaks up the normal $295 fees into installments.


We also provide free forms and and bankruptcy manual, but the reality is that most people will not do it on there own and then contact us for professional services.


Sample ad-- Stop foreclosure, Garnishments, Save your home!..  Get a Fresh start by eliminating all debts, click here to see how.  Bankruptcy

$30 and

15 points



See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites







ASN Tax Preparation--                                             Back to Top

We specialize in finding tax loop holes that dramatically reduce tax liabilities.  Pays 10% of fees and 5% in points based on the retail amount.


Fee is $300.

You earn $30 commission.  Paid Weekly.

You earn 15 points that count toward your profit sharing bonuses.  Paid Monthly.


Sample ad-- Are you paying too much in taxes?  Didn't file because you were afraid of what you might owe?  We specialize in minimizing liability, maximizing refunds and getting back taxes taken care of quickly and inexpensively.  For more information please click here.

$5 to $20

Depending on the fees for the Service.

and 3 to  15 points


See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites


Banners coming soon!

However, this link is coded to so you get credit.



U Pay 2 Much Taxes


FREE Vacation Certificates--                                                             Back to Top

We now have a huge assortment of promotional items that if promoted will guarantee that you earn, month in and month out!...  Gas, Groceries, MP4.s Video Camera's luxury vacations and more!  click this link to see how it works.

Earn By Giving it Away

How to earn by using the many ASN promotional Gas Cash Back rebates, Grocery Cash Back rebates and many others.



Sample Ad-- Your Choice! $300 Gas!  $300 Groceries, Free Vacation Certificates, (Limit One Per Family).  Good for up to 4 days and 5 nights in any of 85 luxury locations.  Every were from Orlando FL to Cancun Mexico.  Click here to see how!

 Get Free Medical Discount, Restaurant Vouchers, Luxury Vacations! Click Here to See How!


  • Fantastic Luxury Vacations

  • 7 Day Exotic Cruises

  • Vacations... Hawaii, Caribbean and more!

  • Medical Discount Cards, 70% and more!

  • Restaurant Vouchers

  • MP4 Players

  • Digital Video Recorders and more Promotional items constantly being added!



One-- they are great values.  You can use them yourself.


Two, because of high perceived value, they act as a powerful incentive to close the sale.  These Vacation Certificates and Gas Cards are on each of the pages of your affiliate partners-- Keyed to your ASN ID, to make sure that your customer buys from you-- not someone else.


Three--  They are an advertisement, that people will keep!  Each cert, advertises a number of your most profitable services-- Keyed to your website.  So, there is a good chance that in the time that they hold onto the cert, they may find a need for the services you offer.  GIVE AWAY AS MANY FREE VACATION AS POSSIBLE!  If you can give away a thousand free vacations-- what might you earn!


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How to Use Your


FREE Medical Discounts...

Restaurant Vouchers, plus...

Luxury Vacation Certificates

To Build Your Business!

See how our Exciting Promotional Vacation Incentives can help you build a bigger, more profitable business, build it faster, make more sales, earn more points and more commissions.

FREE Medical, Restaurant and Vacation Certificates.


Any one that click on the ad gets their choice of gifts...


What do they have to do?


Just take advantage of any free offer or quote on the page!


What's does it does for you?  You earn the full point value and commission of every activity by every visitor from your ad!



See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites




You earn, whatever points that are allotted for the activities your visitor chooses.

Anywhere from 1 point to...

20 points plus a $1,500 commission.



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Unique Gifts--  You have a huge selection of exciting gifts from all over the world.  Great Products, Great Values!

Sample Ad-- Are you looking for the Perfect Gift at the perfect Value?  Look no further!

20% of Sales on Retail Purchases $75 or More.


8-25 points


See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites

Gift Solutions


No Commissions for

but earns

8 points per $25 retail

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This is not an exaggeration.  These products save lives...  They absolutely saved the life of my wife.  Anyone who smokes needs to stop but often can't.  With this product, they can keep smoking but stop dying!


Sample AD-

Do you know someone who smokes?  It is killing them!  Send them this link to show them how to keep smoking but stop dying... as added plus.... it will save them a fortune! 




3 points per $10 retails


10% commission on orders of $20 or more...


20% commission on orders of $75 or more.



See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites






The Biological Fountain of Youth-                                                      Back to Top

This page contains constantly updated information about the newest medicinal and nutrients that fight aging.  Just share the information and you earn.  Each link to each company is coded to you for credit!






ASN Vitamins



Puritans's Pride


Piping Rock



Plus you earn from items given away.


See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites

Banners coming soon.

However, this link is coded to you so any purchase or activity made from the page is credited to you.


The Fountain of Youth!

Viral Marketing-

Share, Inform, and Inspire- We've all seen the joke or article that was posted to Facebook, Google+, Youtube, that went viral and spread like wild fire and garnered hundreds of thousands or even Millions of views...   Views equal exposure and exposure equals income!

With ASN, you can now use that same viral mechanism to explode your ASN business and income.


See Viral Marketing for complete details of how it works.


You earn depending on the point and commission value of the Viral Page you post. i.e.

If Loans, 40 points

and up to $1,500.


If Mortgage Reduction...

20 points and

$300 commission



No Banners.

Simply post the url and info for the particular viral marketing

service or information page.

Choose from this page...

What and Where to Share


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Now you can earn $ Thousands by helping your Favorite Charities!

Details of Helping Charities

HELP FUND RAISING ORGANIZATIONS-- There are hundreds of thousands of Wonderful organizations that are always in need of finding new sources of revenues to continue and expand their many good works.  With this program, you can help them, and help yourself by doing so.  Our program is so much better than the normal cookie and candy sales.  Kid's don't have knock on doors in the heat or rain, no standing in from of stores, etc... it is the essence of simplicity!

How does it work?


  We have created a special program that allows churches, boy scouts, Lion's Club, PTA, etc to simply send an email to their members or place a small banner on their site that informs their members and supporters that their gift giving and normal activities i.e. quotes, trials, purchases, etc... can now financially help their organization.  A portion of all income received from any activity, trial, quote or purchase... is donated to that organization. 

  • The organization is paid monthly 15% of all purchases from, 

  • It receives donations equivalent to the commissions that ASN members earn for the sale of any of the many financial services we offer i.e.bankruptcy, credit repair, mortgage negotiation, etc...

  • They earn points for member and visitor activities that earn donations equal to the Profit Sharing bonuses that all members earn. 

  • Additionally, if they choose, they can give their membership the opportunity to earn with ASN.  When they do, the organization, receives donations on downline activities in the same amount as any ASN Member.  i.e. overrides through 10 levels.

  • The Charity can even share this fundraising opportunity with other organizations. They are then given donations at the same rate as if they had "sponsored" it.  i.e., they are given donations equal to 10% of al the points that are generated by that organization's member's participation. i.e. They gave this to the Lion's Club.  Lion's Club members, through their various activities, produced 10,000 points.  The organization receives a $1,000 donation and because they would be in your 2nd level, you earn 5% or $500.

This is the perfect way for fundraisers to continue and even grow their important charitable works.  It is simple, costs their members nothing... because they need do nothing other than what they do anyway... they just now do it from the site that the organization gives them!  see...

Our Home Page.


What do these Fund Raising Organizations have to do to participate?

They do absolutely nothing other than inform their membership of the program by putting a link on their website or newsletter. We do EVERYTHING ELSE!  We fill the orders and have them delivered right to the customer's door step!

  And because the Fund Raiser is effectively in your first level-- you earn 10% of all points Generated by their members.  You can provide an incredible amount of assistance to these organizations-- and the money that you can earn is huge.  Imagine the income you would generate if you help 100 fund raisers, each with 500 or more members!

Sample ad-- Let us help your fine organization in it's fund raising needs.  We've created a unique program specifically tailored to the needs of the modern day Fund Raiser. (whether church, school, PTA, etc... they are all-- always in search of new revenue, and you can provide it).  Visit us to see how we can be of assistance.


Following is a Letter From a New Member and How They are Planning to Use this Great Progam

If you haven't done so yet, see how you can earn Thousands by helping Charities. Go to...

Your Personal Fund Raising Sales Site


THIS HAS HUGE POTENTIAL-- Following is a letter from a new member, and how she is going to use this program.  My responses are in yellow...

I like the idea of helping organizations. I am planning on eventually forming a non-profit to help those in need so ASN would be something that I could use.

What I love about the program is that is something that these organizations need.  You help them and it helps you!


I can email my website URL to my church but I don't know if they would be interested.  Do you have any idea what I could tell them about it so that maybe they would be interested in it???   

Not all will be interested, but this, like everything else, is a numbers game.  Just send out enough emails to various churches and other fund raising organizations and many will be very excited to participate.  I would send an email something like, 


Subject Line

I'd like to help you with your fund raising efforts or Can I help you with your Fund Raising Efforts?


I'd like to introduce you to a program that was designed specifically to help Charitable Groups like yours continue, and even expand their fine works.  If increasing your organization's revenues would be helpful, please click on the link below.  If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at *** *** ****.[PERSONALID]/ASN_Fund_Raising_Assistance.htm    




Your Name


How to find churches that might need your help-- 

I just went to and typed in "churches in sacramento" scores of them came up.  You can do the same for your area, or all over the nation.  Just find a contact within the churches website... I would send one to the main email contact and one to the pastor.  Then just see what happens.


If they could get the people in their church involved  in this especially around Christmas they could really bring in some money for their church and also it would help me as well.


Yes it would... I can tell you are a true entrepreneur at heart!


Remember, the churches earn 15% of every purchase made- (paid weekly), no need for cookie sales, no danger in having kids go out at night trying to sell to the public.  With this system... The fund raiser sends an email to their organization and they're done.  We fill, track, and deliver all orders right to the door step of the members-- and then send the fund raising organization their check.  It couldn't be easier.


What do you, as an ASN member earn?  For just introducing them to the program, you earn 10% of the CBV that is generated by that organization.  And if the fundraiser decides to introduce it to other organizations (which they will), they earn 10% of that organizations CBV and you earn 5% of their CBV!  All for just sending an email trying to help a charity!

15% of Retail Purchase Amount


See These Free Marketing and Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites




Fund Raising Assistance


Personal Loans No Credit Check--                                                                           Back to Top

One of the reasons for advertising these loans is not only that they are needed by many and that they, of course, provide revenue to you-- but also that many people that need these types of loans are also in need of credit repair and/or bankruptcy.  If they are in need of money, they get it-- but they are also made aware of other valuable services that they may not have even considered as an option.


Sample ad-- Loans, up to $5,000 wired into your account with 24 hours. Many with No Credit Check required.

6 points


See These Free Marketing and

Advertising Sites

Free Marketing Methods

FREE Advertising Sites



No Credit Check Loans




Points  #

What You Earn

1     Points Earns Intro Bonus and  3 levels of downline, but no profit sharing bonus.
4     Points Fast Start Bonus and 3 levels of downline
8     Points Fast Start Bonus and 6 levels of downline
15   Points Fast Start, Eagle Bonus and 10 levels of downline
24   Points Fast Start, Eagle Bonus, Bronze Bonus and 10 levels of downline
50   Points Fast Start, Eagle Bonus, Bronze Bonus Silver Bonus and 10 levels of downline
75   Points Fast Start, Eagle Bonus, Bronze Bonus Silver Bonus, Gold Bonus and 10 levels of downline
100 Points Fast Start, Eagle Bonus, Bronze Bonus Silver Bonus, Gold Bonus Platinum Bonus and 10 levels of downline

The The Infinity Fund Bonus System is so simple that, right now, even before your site has made a sale, a purchase, given away a website, created a downline, or done any FREE marketing of your business, at all... by just taking advantage of a few of the below free quotes and services, you can accumulate over 25 points and Qualify for the Fast Start, Eagle, and Bronze Bonus!... and remember, this is before you've even thought about promoting your business in order to earn commissions from your site, or even taken one step towards building a downline!  There really is no easier, quicker way to earn money.

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Think about it...  Your website is the equivalent of the world's largest Super Store.  Every item of merchandise or product or service imaginable is available on your site.  But YOU have no overhead.  No office expense, no employees, no merchandise to stock, no selling or training to do.  Every aspect of your business is taken care of by us.

All you have to do is promote it.  And we even _ you the tools to do it... for Free!

If you follow the ASN system i.e. Use It.  Share it.  Promote it.  You will make money month after month after month.

ASN Really is the Better Mouse Trap!  Let the World Know!
Marketing Tools Marketing Methods

Links For Sharing With Others

4 Steps to Success! Incredible Marketing Tools



For of simplicity and clarification, for the balance of this message we're going to refer to your free website and those sites you give away as your "stores"


The world's largest retailer is Wal-Mart.  (also, one of your corporate partners see WalmartIf you've ever been in one you'll remember they offer everything and do an enormous amount of business.  It is not unusual for one store to do upwards of $1,000,000 of business in ONE DAY!  That's even in spite of the fact that they are limited to their geographic location. 


When Wal-Mart wants to expand and increase earnings, what do they do?  They open another store!   They spend millions on the land, buildings, permits, hiring, etc... then a year or two after the decision is made—they have a new store and they are ready to make even more money from the sales of that new store.


If YOU want to increase earnings and expand your business, do what Wal-Mart does...  OPEN A NEW "STORE"

But in your case, opening a new store simply means giving away a free website!  No need to invest or buy land or buildings, merchandise or hire employees.  Just give away a free website.  It's the equivalent of opening a store from which you get a percentage of all the business it generates. 

But it doesn't cost you anything to open it--  and it never costs you anything to operate it!


So now you've opened a new store.  What happens when this "new store", decides to expand and open 5 or 10 stores (websites) of their own?  You receive a percentage of every bit of business generated by each of those new "stores".


When each of those 5 decide to expand and open 5 each, that's an additional 25 websites from which you earn a percentage of all business generated.  And Remember-- Your Group Volume Bonuses pay you through a full 10 Levels of "stores".


Through the incredible power of Network Leveraging, you can soon have hundreds, if not thousands of "stores" in your organization. (Many of our members already have in excess of 1,000 stores).   And you earn a percentage of every bit of business generated by each and every one of them.  What's more, it NEVER costs you a dime to build or operate your business.


The income that can be earned from this system is amazing.  Realize, if your were to give away 2 stores, that gave away 2, that gave away 2, etc... through 10 levels, with each store generating only about 16 points per month-- you would earn in excess of $7,500 per month!


One of the great things about our system is that the Infinity Fund, combined with the Group Bonus system is, not only, incredibly easy to earn a check, but...  This combination of systems creates a network wide incentive to do at least the bare minimum needed to earn a moderate sized Infinity Fund Check.  And because of this synergy, everyone doing the bare minimum to earn just a moderate check, necessarily and automatically creates larger business volume, larger infinity fund checks AND larger Group Bonus Checks. 


Let's assume that everyone who joined the Network, had very minimal goals and only wanted to earn $50 to $100 per month.  So they all figured they would do just enough to qualify for a few of the Infinity Funds.  SEE CLAIM YOUR CHECK


Because it is so easy to earn money, almost everyone that joins will take a moment to earn their first check.  When they see how simple it is, they'll earn more.   Every time they earn for themselves, you earn a  commission override on that free quote, trial, purchase or sale made by their site.  

When their members earn their checks, they earn, your member earns and you earn even more!... you continue to earn overrides on all activities through a full 10 levels. 

The system is so simple and profitable that if your were to give away 2 stores, that gave away 2, that gave away 2, etc... through 10 levels, with each store generating only about 16 points per month-- you would earn in excess of $7,500 per month!

"Group Bonuses" for full details of the workings of your Group Bonuses.


The Infinity Funds and Group Bonus Override Income Systems work synergistically to create an overall incentive system that is unequalled. 

By making it easy for anyone to earn a moderate check.  We've made it simple for anyone to earn a huge check!

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