The Chapter 7 bankruptcy What you can expect.

  • Once you've provided the information that we need to prepare your petition, it takes about 1 to 3 days for us to complete it and have it ready for filing.

  • Once completed, we email it to you.  You sign it and take it to the local bankruptcy court for filing (we provide all needed info and address).

  • The Bankruptcy Court requires about a $299 filing fee.  However, we set it up for you so that you can make installments to the court and normally don't even have to pay a dime at the time of filing.

  • You are required to attend one meeting at the court (Creditors Meeting).  Unless you are committing some heinous financial fraud, 99 out of 100 times, the process is the essence of simplicity.  Following is a typical letter from one of our hundreds of happy clients...

    From Vivian in CA

    Last Tuesday, I went for my appointment with the Creditors. After waiting for approximately 35 minutes, the interview took about 5 minutes. The Judge was very cordial. None of the Creditors were present. It was not stressful as I had anticipated. There were many people there for the same reason as me, so that gave me a level of comfort to know that I am not alone in this critical financial situation. 


  • At the Creditors Meeting, the Trustee will ask "Is the information contained on the petition true and correct to the best of your knowledge?"

  • You answer "yes". 

  • Then the trustee says "Absent objection from creditors I hereby order that all dischargeable debts are hereby discharged".  You are done and within about 45 days, you get a letter from the court stating that your bankruptcy is completed and all dischargeable debts are discharged.


      If you have any questions, please call Toll Free

    877 604 6636 Extension 3

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Your Total Bankruptcy Package and what it includes:

  • Tri-Merged Credit Report-- We help you to get a complete record of all debts you owe, credit cards, car loans, real estate loans, collections, judgments, tax liens, school loans,  including balances, payment amounts, creditors names and their addresses-- Saves you hours in your debt investigation.  Remember, any debt that you do not list on your bankruptcy, you will still owe.  So it is vital that you have ALL your creditor information. 


  • Do It Your Self Credit Repair Kit-- see credit repair.  By utilizing the techniques that we include in these 2 separate Ebooks crammed with creditor busting techniques, you will be able to improve your credit rating and score, in spite of your recent bankruptcy. 


  • Bankruptcy Information Packet--Provide answers to these basic questions so that we can properly and beneficially prepare your bankruptcy.   PLUS-- Comprehensive but easy to understand information that shows how to maximize the benefits of your bankruptcy by not only eliminating debts but by reducing the amount of debt remaining on the car or furniture on which you may still owe, but want to keep. 


  • Complete Bankruptcy Document Preparation-- Including all schedules, A, B, C, D, Statement of Financial Affairs, Means Test, etc...  The completed bankruptcy petition is generally, 35 to 50 pages in length.

Cost of the Total Credit and Bankruptcy Preparation Packages--


For a Simple Chapter 7, most attorneys charge anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000.  Our Cost for a chapter 7 is ONLY  $595 and to make it even easier on you, even that is broken up into 2 easy payments. 

  • The first payment of $300 upon submission of your order

  • and the balance of $295 upon completion.


There is a tendency in business to charge that which the market can bear.  Oil companies do it-- so do attorneys.  Attorneys can not only charge, but actually get exorbitant fees-- so they do.


We on the other hand are not just Bankruptcy Preparers.  We handle a myriad of services, Bankruptcy, Taxes, Wills, Credit Repair, Home Sales, Home Loans, Financial Opportunities, etc... and we know that if we treat you right with a combination of premium service and low fees, we will be your company of choice for all your future business and financial needs.


We don't want you just as a customer for today, we want you and your family, and friends as customers for life.


And quite frankly, as pertains to bankruptcy... because, we utilize the most up to date technologies and software, we can accomplish in 24 hours what it might take others 24 days to complete.


To order your Bankruptcy Package and eliminate debt, income taxes, stop wage garnishments, attachments, law suits, creditors, Stop or Postpone foreclosure, etc...  Just complete the simple form below.

Your complete Bankruptcy Package will then be emailed to you in PDF format with 24 Hours.

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                If Chapter 7  (total debt discharge)$395 for total package.


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