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S. Camden wrote

Hi Bruce,

I am so excited about my website.  When I first got in I didn't do anything with it.  Then about a week ago I started reading through the site and what I read "lit a fire" under me.


I started advertising it and doing what you told me to do in the Fast Start Section .....and before I knew it I had 5 stores given away and then there were 11 more that my downline had given away!!!

Want a New Career in Finance? No Experience or Lic. Required.

Click here for complete details.


Fund Raising Assistance

Are you... or do you know of a School, Church or other worthy organization that is need of new sources of Revenue?  Click Here to see how we can help.


G. Murphy

  I would also at this time, Like to thank you for this great, amazing, awesome opportunity that is ASN. So far it has been everything you said it would be and then some. Thanks again!


James Blake wrote

Hi Bruce...

Thanks again for everything...My first 45 days in business you have paid me over $500, Plus, Infinity Bonus payments still to come.  AllSolutions Rocks!

Kimberly R writes

Your help has saved my life!  The weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I am so amazed that a random internet search found me the help I needed in the form of and YOU!!!!


Free Business Advertising

Free Advertising sites for any and all business endeavors.


K Boyer,  of Nebraska

Man I am so excited at this moment. I couldn't hardly believe my eyes when I saw your email that I have earned a Quick Start Bonus


No Credit Check Personal Loan

Frank L.

To tell you the truth I never made any money online until I joined ASN so once again I really thank and appreciate you for what you have done for us .


Michael M Writes:

Hey Bruce this site is really cool Ive already called all my family
I'm so glad i found your company its awesome
your the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for setting up this site

J. Nagy of Florida

You don't know how many other companies I have tried before without success. Usually all I did was LOSE money. Now Thanks to your company I finally did it!


Kevin F.

      I've been with this company for a few years now and I must say there is NO BUSINESS MODEL OUT THERE LIKE ASN - NONE! 

      ASN is like operating you own your Walmart Store, but without years of planning and millions of dollars to open it.   But no employees to pay, no utilities, no re-stocking the shelves, no insurance cost s, etc..

   With ASN it's all profit!  You earn all your money for free, without investing any money at all. PERIOD.   

     I get paid every month, a residual income, just like clock work.  What an amazing opportunity!

     Thank you for creating the most AMAZING free money making opportunity on the internet.



How to Improve Your Credit

Learn to add 200 points to your credit score, within 45 days.  Clean your Credit, get any loan... Absolutely FREE!


G. Prancer writes

I have tried for 2 years to make money on the internet with no success....spent plenty of money trying, but never made any money back.


I am now qualified for 3 different checks from you according to my calculations and now there is a "Bonfire Burning"


Thank you for introducing this site to us!!!


Larry  of Rock Marketing writes...

I want to commend you on a  website that  is the very best  i've seen online.  It is CHOCKED FULL of  many opportunities for anyone that is looking for a website that will fit  everyone's needs.


James Blake Writes..

Bruce...Wanted to thank you

The thought and effort you put into creating this.  The allsolutionsnetwork is amazing!


Allsolutions will make me rich...

You changed my life...bigtime...if you only knew how much.


Want a New Career in Finance? No Experience or Lic. Required.

Click here for complete details.


Isaiah O.

Thanks very much! I received my commission for the month of September. you have totally removed my FEAR. i will shout  GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ASN all over the world God being on my side.

Please keep the good work going.


Do You Need a Will?

Valuable estate planning and Low Cost Will Preparation Services.


Oluwajana Wale- Nigeria

l joined this great company some days, ago. l have already finished reading all the content. l would like to commend you guys for the great work you have done on the website, especially on the aspect of online marketing. You have done great work here.


No Down Investments

Free Online Creative Financing Course teaches you to buy real estate with no money, no credit, (even bad credit), and even no job.

Eleanor D.

I'm new to online business and i didn't realize its great possibilities until you sent me my First ever earnings in February 2014. It was  not big, and I didn't even remember why you were sending me the money!  but it convinced me that ASN is true and that i could do it!



Stop Garnishments, Foreclosure, etc... Is your credit just not salvageable?  For many situations, bankruptcy may be your best option.  See real life case files of how it helped or hurt others.  If BK is your best option, our professionals can help you start over with a low cost bankruptcy.


Free Bankruptcy Forms

You can do it yourself?

Click here for free bankruptcy forms.


George O.

Today I looked at my downline page and almost fell off my chair, the stat sheet shows 46 member in the downline, please tell me this is not a mistake!!!


This is really unbelievable, when I last checked, I had only five in the downline.  I love it!


Steve L.

 I'm not sure how i stumbled on to this but within first week I have had three loan apps and three downline sign ups cant believe how fast this grows 100 thumbs up! Thank you for your training and opportunities lets just say im all excited well done guys Steven Lyon


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No company in the world makes earning more simple!

We strongly suggest that you read this page from beginning to end, one time, to get a true understanding of the nature of the ASN opportunity. You will soon see why there really is nothing else like it! 

Always Free to Join and Free to Earn!   How easy is earning?...

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Your Commission

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Mortgage Reduction




$30 - $65


Credit Repair

$10 - $30

5 to 20

Guaranteed Lower Taxes 10% of fees 1 Point per each $20 in fees


How to put much of your business Growth on Auto Pilot!   What Now page....

you will be amazed at what you accomplish!!

Do like James B.. click here..Take 10 minutes and get started.... then start really studying the business.   He already had a growing, profitable downline before he really knew anything about his business!!  The  only thing he know for sure was that it was free!   He thought "what the heck, let's see what happens"....And remember,, he didn't spend a penny... he simply followed the system and experienced fantastic results!!


Realize,, success requires more than placing one or two free ads or even getting or generating several free quotes or trials.   Success is achieved byy following the system!!

Yess, Getting Free quotes Guarantees earnings... but we want to do so much more than just give you a few checks.... if you want it, we want to give you a career....

Follow the system and you will quickly have the beginnings of a profitable international business with the potential to give you and your family the financial independence that comes with a substantial, month in month out residual income.  

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What our most successful members do!! click here.  


Remember, to keep earning, keep sharing!  To earn more... Share More!!

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There really is nothing like ASN!


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Don’t get confused!  With ASN, substantial earnings are always as simple as using the simple and free actions discussed   above...   Even if you consistently do nothing but USE and SHARE and you will always be earing... month after month after month!

That constitutes your PHD in internet marketing. Remember, we promised you a PHD in internet marketing if you want it.  But a PHD consists of a lot of  information… there’s a lot but just learn at your own pace and only what  interests you..  We are committed to teaching you teaching you everything there is to know about ASN and the countless ways we give to earn for free.  See the "Income Streams" and "Free Marketing" Menu buttons above. Remember, USE and SHARE then add additional marketing strategies to your income regimen only as you are ready. If you ever get confused? Get back to basics... USE and SHARE.

Furthermore, what we teach is applicable to any type of internet business.  Our goal is to give you what you need to succeed not just with ASN, but in any internet endeavor.   The fact is, no one can learn everything overnight…   However,  if you choose to learn and use them, you’ll find we give you every tool you could ever need. But until or unless you know it all Just Remember, USE and SHARE!


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8 or 15 for a funded loan!


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Your personal ASN gift site with over 3,000 unique items from all over the world.  Earns maximum points and 20% commissions on any order of $75 or more, retail.

See selected pages from your catalog

Bath | Body Care


Aromatic Candles | Scents
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    What We Believe

    It is our belief that a business opportunity that is worthwhile, that truly can bring success... GENERALLY, SHOULD NOT NEED YOUR MONEY! If they believe in what they are doing and what they are offering, they should be willing to forego upfront fees and wait to share in your success.  Why should they need to charge you?   The answer is simple... most companies realize that your success is far from assured.  Their business model is not to share your profits but to immediately share your WALLET That is not how ASN operates.

    ASN's Business Model?  We Share only in Your Success...

    We profit, ONLY WHEN YOU DO!


    We won't ask you for a penny today, tomorrow or at any other time.  Our success is dependent on your success.  With ASN, your success is certain.  Follow our system and you make money.  Period.   We don't need or want your money... BUT WE DO WANT YOUR COMMITMENT.  

    We provide the opportunity, we provide the tools, you provide the most important ingredient, commitment. 

    With consistent commitment, we all win!


Rules of earning for free- In a Nutshell...  They are pretty much what one would expect!

Be honest...       Be interested...       Be complete......  

* provide accurate information...  inaccurate information i.e. email, phone #, etc...  VOIDS the quote, trial and any payment.

* request what the banner is actually offering.   Just proving the site was visited doesn't earn.

          *i.e.  If the banner is for a free  insurance quote, registering for a free newsletter won't earn a check.

          * If the banner is for a trial offer, asking a question or being added to a mailing list will not earn points.

* Submitting partially completed trials, quotes, applications do not earn points.

* Remember, Submitting ads, copies of web pages or Newsletters from us or others, NEVER earns points.

* Only take advantage of offers, quotes or trials that are specific to YOUR COUNTRY of residence...   See NON US MEMBERS

* ONLY ONE free quote or trial per company per, at least, 60 days (unless, a REASONABLE number of additional quotes would be normal for the industry such as 4 to 8 AUTO quotes per month, but even this does not guarantee validity.  It's best to wait, at least, 60 days or use different trial or quote services).

* Be Potentially  Interested-  i.e. if you don't have a car... don't get an auto insurance quote :-)

* See Important notes regarding insurance quotes and short term loans.  click Here

NO FRAUD ALLOWED!  See Terms of Service

The ASN system is a beautiful, self perpetuating mutually beneficial circle.  But for the circle to continue to grow, the system must be followed.  Please make sure that everyone in your organization knows and follows the rules.



The answer is PROFIT SHARING and the New Age, Advertising Paradigm

Advertisers are getting smarter... they want to pay for results... Not Air Time!

Many advertisers realized... Why spend millions on Print and TV ads,

(that people ignore or fast forward through!

    The Solutions Network is partnered with hundreds of companies who pay us for the opportunity to EARN YOUR BUSINESS and that of the visitors to ASN's hundreds of thousands of independent member sites just like yours. 

    They are confident that when you see the value of their products, services and various offers, you, your friends, your neighbors, your family... will become customers for life!  ASN has hundreds of thousands of members.  These companies are willing to do whatever it takes to get the opportunity to show or even just remind you, your family and friends who they are and what they can do for you.

They Feel This is a Small Price to Pay... for a Lifetime Customer!

They pay us for the opportunity... and we pay you!









With ASN, You Earn From EVERYTHING!

Below are some of our most needed and profitable Services.

For Commission Amounts and how they work...

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Until Further Notice!!!...




Simple and Guaranteed!

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Give away $20...

And Get $20...

over and over!

See How!


You already pay for them...
 Why not let them pay you!
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Utilities, Phones, DSL, Internet, Security, etc...

































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