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Advertise your house for free.  Whether your free classified advertisement is for the sale or rental of a house, the rental of a home, offering a rent to own, lease with option to buy or commercial property-- it is our goal to give you the best chance at achieving your objective-- We assure you maximum exposure at No Cost!

Real Estate Agents-- Advertise Your Listings for Free!

Private Parties-- Advertise Your Properties for Free!

GUARANTEED MAXIMUM EXPOSURE--  NETRENTHOMES.COM has a special relationship with other major classified services which allows us to shotgun your ad throughout the web in up to 6 different major classifieds connections, such as MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, etc, many of which charge up to $50 dollars per ad!  By using us, your classified ad is not only absolutely free with us, but free with the other classified services, as well.

BUYING? RENTING? RENT TO OWN?--   Are you are looking for a property for yourself and family?  Our large and constantly expanding data base assures you of a vast assortment of available properties.  And if you don't find what you want?   Click Here, just let us know what you are looking for-- when it becomes available, we'll let you know.

We have established the following simple guidelines to ensure the quality of our Free Classifieds. Please remember that Classifieds are posted by other users, not by NETRENTHOMES.COM. Sellers and buyers are responsible for all aspects of the Ads and transactions in which they choose to participate. All transactions conducted must be consistent with any applicable legal rules. 

NETRENTHOMES.COM  reserves the right to reject or remove any ad that is not consistent with the letter or spirit of the  advertising policies or the law. 

Adverting on this site is free-- all we ask is the following:

1. No Spamming

2. Place only one ad per property.

3. Adhere to our simple format as follows--   If your ad is for a rent2own property, designate it as such in the first line of your description.

4.Our affiliations with major classified connections dictate that ads sent to them conform to a couple of simple rules...

5. Do not place URL's in description section. Doing so disqualifies your ad from being placed on our affiliate advertising sites, i.e. MSN, AOL, Yahoo, etc.

6. Place price or rent amount only in section designated for price or rental amount.  DO NOT IN DESCRIPTION SECTION.  Doing so disqualifies your ad from being placed on our affiliate advertising sites, i.e. MSN, AOL, Yahoo, etc.


example-- Rent2own close to shopping.  Requires $1,000 deposit.   $200 per month credited towards purchase price.-- This spacious 3 bdrm 2bth home is on a beautiful park like setting and is offered at well below the area's market value. 


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