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Hey Bruce this site is really cool Ive already called all my family
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your the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Quick Biography of Bruce Castro and ASN

A few important important article book marks:

Focus on the services you provide, not the money you'll make.  click here.

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Some members have said it's important that I talk a bit about myself and the company.  i.e. the All Solutions Network and it's founder, (me, Bruce Castro).  I always try to please so here it is :-)
Don't worry, it's not a commercialó I'll try to be relatively quick.

In my life I've had many jobs and operated various businesses in the attempt to find that happy balance between time and money.  I've worked all day selling and investing in real estate while "working" FIVE nights a week as a professional musician. Between the two vocations I earned what many would have considered a good income, but I wasn't happy. I found that all the money in the world was useless if you didn't find the time to enjoy it. So, I got "smart" and made a career change to make sure I had more time.

I reduced the time spent on real estate sales, played my music a bit less and turned a lifelong fascination with herpetology (the study of reptiles), into a business. I actually bred, Burmese Pythons, Boa Constrictors, Prehensile tailed skinks and sold them to pet shops all over the country!  Yes, I'm a bit different... but was rarely bored! So now, I absolutely loved everything I did. Had plenty of time to enjoy life. But I still had a problem...
  My income was less, so, sometimes I couldn't even afford a hamburger!

     All the TIME in the world is useless if you don't have enough MONEY to enjoy it
     And all the MONEY in the world is useless if you don't have enough TIME to enjoy it.
                     I realized success and happiness comes from balance.


               So, I went in search of balance.

I decided I'd find something that would pay me handsomely on an hourly basis, allowing me to work fewer hours while still having a reasonable net income and hopefully a life!  Seemed to make sense. I figured "Hey, I'm a relatively bright guy, I'll become an attorney". So I went to Law School, (University of Northern California School of Law).

I was lucky enough to be close to the top of my class and was given the honor of clerking for the dean of the Law School.  Wow! What an eye opener. This gave me the opportunity to see the true practice of law, up close and personal.


 Instead of finding the practice of law as a vehicle to promote the cause of good and solve issues for the benefit of the client; I found that the most certain way to guarantee success in a law practice was to Not solve issues, but rather to create more of them!


Think about it, as soon as an attorney solves all of his client's issues--- he's effectively unemployed.

I discovered is far more profitable to forego winning and prolong litigation by playing what I like to call "litigation tennis". 

     This is a very profitable, albeit disgusting game in which one attorney slams a new issue across the legal net (and gets paid for drafting it).  The opposing attorney then slams back an expensive response (which he is legally obligated to do, because if he doesn't, even a meritless claim wins by default).  The attorney who is holding serve, slams back a counter response, thus, generating even more revenue!... I have actually seen divorces, in which this game resulted in over $5,000 in legal fees accumulated by an enraged divorcing couple, each insisting they get "custody" of a $500 couch!  The barrage of legal slams, lobs and back hands continues... often until the clients are drained. 

More often than not, the only winners are the attorneys. 

That just wasn't for me.  My goal has always been to solve problems... not create them.

Don't get me wrong. There are many wonderful attorney's out there. As a matter of fact, one of my best friends is an attorney. He had been my torts professor and I was his Guitar teacher!  But I digress! It's just that the underbelly of the adversarial aspect of our legal system often turned my stomach. I refused to make a career out of causing problems.

Now of course, while all of this is going on, the Internet was coming into it's own and making it possible to do things that were undreamed of just a couple of years before. I started thinking... there must be some way to marry my real estate background with this new legal education to the internet in a way as to allow me to concentrate on actually solving problems-- rather than creating them; a way to reach out nationwide or even worldwide to provide help for virtually unlimited base of those in need...


That thought was the genesis of the All Solutions Network. Since 1998 we have been helping people become homeowners, preparing low cost bankruptcies, solving tax issues, current and back taxes, saving homes, helping people improve their credit, preparing wills, dissolutions, Home purchases, Fast Loans to get through rough times and much more...  Whether in the form of the many low cost quality services we provide or even the FREE information and services offered; we are rapidly becoming the place that people look when they have a problem. We have been and continue to be dedicated to providing solutions, solving problems... not creating billable hours.



One of the most pressing issues faced in today's society is money.

Those who have enough money, often don't have enough time
and those with enough time, often don't have enough money
. Sound familiar?

ASN can be the solution to both.

True to keeping with my core mission of solving problems, I eventually created the All Solutions Network Affiliate Program.   This unique system allows anyone to earn WITH us by helping us provide access and awareness of every service and product we offer. And earning substantial weekly commissions is simple as copy and paste (see viral marketing) or even just using the site for personal needs and sharing the business (for free), to let other for free. 

Use it, Share it, Earn.  It's that simple.    Click Here to See Why ASN is Now So Powerful


We show and help you to do it all!  It's as simple as following our step by step system to promote the HUGE Website that we give you (the equivalent of the worlds largest superstore). The ASN system allows anyone to earn not only from their personal website (Store), but from the Free "Stores", you give away and from those THEY give away, plus the ASN system lets you profit from the sales and purchases of every member and every website within the entire Solutions Network, whether they obtained their site with you, after you, or even before you.



It's no secret.  In this society, everyone has to make a living and support their family; I'm no different.  I have a wife and kids who like "stuff".  I, like everyone else, want to do more than just get by.  I want my wife and children to be happy and comfortable.  I like to travel, vacation and to enjoy life... But I made a decision... NO!...   more than a decision, I made a COMMITMENT; a commitment that I would accomplish ALL of this... but NOT on the backs of others. 

I decided I would strive to accomplish my personal objectives, by creating something that would make the lives of others easier and better.  My personal success would be measured and determined by big any commission was, but by how many and how much I helped others.  The more I helped, the more successful I'd become.

I've always had the philosophy that when it's all said and done, what we have and achieve in life should be a reflection of the service we gave. Whether it is what you gave in the way of personal service to others; the benefit of the products you offer, or by providing real hope and opportunity to those who need it most. If our true focus is on the service we provide... We'll find that the more we give, the better we give, the more we will have... both financially and spiritually.
Never forget this simple truism.
"No one ever cares how much you know... until they know how much you care! 

I learned that if the focus of ones activities are on the benefits they receive from sales, rather than the benefits to your customers... your success rate and income will suffer!  The fact is, most people have pretty good interpersonal instincts.  They know when something is not quite right.  Think back, have you been with a client or potential customer (or even when selling your own car), and had thoughts like "I really need this sale." or  "If I make this one, I can go to Hawaii!",  "Almost got it, $500 dollars... almost there"...  With thoughts like these blurring your focus, your success rate and income can never be what you'd like.


THIS IS TRUE for, at least, two reasons:

FIRST- If you are not really focusing on the needs of your customer; at some level they know it!  Thinking about the benefits you will recieve can't help but diminish the quality of services you are capable of providing.  When you are focused on yourself it is impossible to be fully in tune with your customer and their needs...  And don't kid yourself!... They may not actually know what's happening... but I assure you, they will feel it!  No matter the eloquence, logic or apparent persuasiveness of your words... They will often "feel" you are not really with them and your words will not have the intended impact... it will cost you.


SECOND- Do you trust the service or product you provide?  You have to believe in what you do. 

When one knows their service or product really solves problems, it's easy to be passionate and excited about the service and how it can change the lives of their prospects...  You then become honestly and instantaneously focused and excited about the benefits your customer is about to receive because of you...

     Your thoughts naturally shifting past your needs to something like: "This car is going to be perfect for their family",  "Those lower house payments will eliminate so much of their stress".  And you really mean it!  When you trust and believe in the value what you offer, you become happy for them!  What's more, they can feel It.  They know you care and are worthy of their trust.  Only then does your eloquence deserve and bring the results you desire! 

     Remember, no matter what you do or offer...  Forget about the money; if you offer value and know it... Your income will take care of itself.  Believe in what you do... that's the only way to properly focus on the needs and benefits to your customer or prospect.  Focus on providing the best options, services and value to your clients... When your heart is committed to doing the best job possible for your customers, they know it and tell others...  

     Soon, the world knows it and will beat a path to your door. By continually focusing on the service benefits you provide to others...  money worries become a thing of the past. It all starts and ends with service to others.

How can anyone fail when their objective is to help others... for free?

One of the things, of which, I am most proud is that with the ASN system, the success of every member is primarily  determined by how much they help others.  The more people they give ASN too, the more they give others a way to earn for free... and the more people who earn because they were given this free business...  the more they earn! 


ARE WE PERFECT?  NO... If you are in business, regardless of your commitment to service or your level of integrity, things will occasionally go wrong.  Unfortunately, that's life.  We've experienced occasional glitches, problems and misunderstandings  See complaints... The same types of issues as every other company...  But we've had fewer of them and our ratio of complaints to public exposure is better than any company anywhere.  This includes companies that everyone knows and trusts, i.e. walmart, verizon, amazon, etc...


When they occur, we fight through them.  We solve them and go on to improve; always striving to make the ASN system better; more helpful to the world and more profitable for every ASN member. see what members are saying. 


No.  We are not perfect... but  we strive to be the best and I firmly believe we ARE the best... and we are ALWAYS getting better.  


If you or anyone you know wants more our of life, consider this a FREE invitation to join with us.  With ASN joining and earning can always be done for free.  I know you will make money, as will anyone who takes the time to understand the system and follow it.  Understanding the Unique Power of ASN  This was system so that the only way to fail is by failing to try!  See Why!

If you are not already of ASN, just click below to join for free.  Your free site will be IMMEDIATELY created for you and

we will show you how to start earning money immediately, with no investment ever!

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I also, know that if you do it our way, it is impossible to ever lose a dime.  As you know, one of the first things we tell you is "Put Away Your Wallet"... and we mean it!  You can build ever aspect of you ASN business for free!

See Why You Can't Fail!


If you decide to really give ASN a go, you will never be alone! 

You can always contact your sponsor here is their email... [SPONSOREMAIL] or other members of your upline.  If they don't have the answer, you can contact us.   See How.


You will find that ASN is a lot like a HUGE family of over 300,000 members!... Members helping members...  there is ALWAYS someone there to help, if and when you need it!


ASN is a team...  I Promise this... You Will Never Be Alone!


Bruce E Castro

With ASN, You Earn From EVERYTHING We Offer!

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If you are not already of ASN, just click below to join for free.  Your free site will be IMMEDIATELY created for you and

we will show you how to start earning money immediately, with no investment ever!

 Click Here to Join Now!



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