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ASN Training Videos

ASN is upgrading and improving many of the aspects of our system, including but not limited  to, Pay Plans, Qualifiers for Infinity Bonus requirements, etc...  Consequently, until the transformation has been completed throughout the entire site, there may be inconsistencies of information.  In the event of inconsistency or ambiguity, the information contained in these videos and this page supersedes any other information in any other portion of the ASN site.

See below for ASN Training Videos- more soon to come!

Below You Will Find the Following Training Videos.

Coming Soon.

        Why you can't fail.

              What earns the most.

              Earn by helping Charities

              Earn by giving away free services,  and much more!

Note:  written articles on these programs are already available at your resource center.


ASN OVERVIEW.  How it works and What it offers.

This video uses as it's starting point, your ASN Tool Box.



We constantly endeavor to improve every aspect of the ASN system to make it easier and more profitable to members.  With that in mind we have made a few updates to the system that are not yet included in the video below.

  • It had been that earning commission overrides on your downline required 15 points.  That has been changed to help members earn more and even quicker.  See How profitable Group Bonuses are.

  • Now... Even just one point earns commission overrides on 3 levels of your downline.

  • 8 points and you now earn commission overrides on 6 levels of your downline.

  • 15 points and you earn commission overrides on a full 10 levels of your downline.

  • Guaranteed Profit Sharing bonuses-  see how profit sharing is calculated.

    • Intro Bonus- requires just one point, as simple as getting a Free Sample!

    • Fast Start profit sharing requires 4 points.  (as simple as getting a free insurance quote).

    • Eagle Bonus- requires 15 points.

    • Bronze Bonus requires 24 points.

    • Silver Bonus requires 50 points.

    • Gold Bonus requires 75 points.

    • Platinum Bonus requires 100 points.

    100 points always earns, at least, $100 to $500 dollars.



Plus Related, Important Links

Overview of the system, how it works, how it pays and what it offers.


With ASN, your potential is unlimited  and it's free!  See How to Share.




$100 to $500 or more in the next hour!


Although the following video references registering your activities, now, almost everything is auto tracked to your ASN ID to make sure you get credited automatically.  please see "Make Sure We Can Pay You".



Plus, Related Important Links...

Simple step by step instructions on how to earn your first check.  See these important links.


Make sure we can pay you!

"Claim Your Check earn from $100 to $500 or more in your first hour!






NEW!!!             NEW!!


Stand Alone Service pays you...

Month after month, after month...

With no investment!

Click Here for Details!

Just a Few of Your Hundreds of Partners

You Earn Money with EVERY One!

The links that are directly below are filled mainly with FREE Quotes, Services, Trials that save and make you money without spending a dime.  They are updated with new, exciting profitable companies constantly added!

See Claim Your Check!

To See How and Why You Can Earn for Free!

You actually get paid-

To see how much you can save on insurance, (whether you buy or not!), for taking surveys, car quotes, free credit kit, credit cards, etc... for simply trying exciting products and services FOR FREE, you get paid!  You don't have to spend a dime... and you still get paid! 

But Make Sure You Know and follow the

"Simple Rules of Earning for FREE!"

Click Here For Rules

 In a Nutshell...

To assure payment, provide accurate information...  and apply only for quotes or trials specific to your country of residence and only one free quote or trial per company per 60 days.



Earn More Points and Commissions-

Scores of methods to earn points and business volume.  Even puts your point earning activities on Auto Pilot.


What Earns the Most?










































































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